Alexander Twardovsky: a brief biography

Childhood and youth From the

 height of the intervening years, many critics and political scientists explore the biography of this poet with great predilection. It should be emphasized that from under the pen of Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky there were many prose works, newspaper notes, and publicist articles. He had to survive the massive transformation taking place in the country. And not just to observe these processes, but also to worry about the fates of their relatives and loved ones. The events to which he was a participant left a mark both in the history of the country and in the fortunes of his contemporaries.

The future poet came to light on 21 June 1910 in an ordinary peasant family. The parents lived in the village of Seltso, in the territory of Smolensk Governorate. His father was engaged in blacksmithing. The mother ran a household and raised children. Seven children, five brothers and two sisters grew up in the house. Alexander was the second child. Importantly, the head of the family was considered a literate person. He wrote out a provincial newspaper and bought books. His children not only taught literacy, but also attached to reading.

On the thorny path of creativity 

In his spare time, in the evenings, his father read aloud different books. This is how Alexander got acquainted with the work of Russian poets and writers. And not only met, but also felt an internal need to write poetry. He composed his first work at the age when he could not read. During his school years he became addicted to composing already consciously. True, the teacher of literature gave a negative review of the “virshi”, which he had looked through. This case did not affect Twardowski’s desire to work with the word.

When Alexander turned 14, he joined the Komsomol and began writing notes to the regional newspaper. In his letters he raised topics important to the village. Told about bad roads, faulty bridges, abuse of officials. This does not stop composing verse lines. Two poems and a photograph of the author were published in the regional newspaper “Workers’ Way”. It was already a serious bid for success. The publication was contributed by the famous poet Mikhail Isakovsky. After graduating, Alexander left for Smolensk and entered the local pedagogical institute.

Recognition and personal life

During the war, Tvardovsky was listed in the editorial staff of the newspaper “Krasnoarmeyskaya Pravda”. For articles and poems published on the pages of this newspaper, the author was repeatedly awarded with orders of battle. The party and the government appreciated Tvardovsky’s literary works — he was presented with Lenin and three Stalin prizes.


writer’s personal life developed safely. He took as his wife Maria Illarionovna Gorelova, whom he met during his student years. They have lived under the same roof all their conscious lives. Raised and raised two daughters. The writer died in December 1971.

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