Alexander Grachev: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Anatoly Matveevich was born in the village of Merkulovsky in the summer of 1912. He comes from a peasant family. As a child, Alexander Matveyevich battered on his fist. When he grew up, after the October Revolution he joined the Komsomol, then participated in collectivization.

Alexander Grachev wrote in his diary that those days of his youth were hungry. Then the guys decided to take over the mother of the famous writer Sholokhov. But the woman fed them herself.


When Alexander Grachev graduated from the school of rural youth, he entered the Cherkasy Cavalry School. But then the youngster suffered an injury, falling off his horse, so was brushed off.

But Alexander did not give up, and decided to leave for the Far East and serve there. Since he was the son of a poor man, he had the benefits to go to a medical institute without exams. Alexander Matveyevich decided to study there, but after 3 months realized that he chose the wrong specialty. So he left the institute and did not receive higher medical education.

When the young man was 20 years old, he left to build the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Here Grachev worked as a handyman, and then taught at school. An interesting case is linked to the last fact. Grachev A.M. wrote in his memories that when the young man came to the district of the Komsomol, he was asked, whether he was competent? Having received the affirmative answer, the secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol appointed him the teacher. And then Alexander became the director of school at all. After all, then there was a number of illiteracy in the country. Therefore, experts who can read were very appreciated. They were sent to teach all this to the illiterate population of the country.



to literature led the young writer to the newspaper “Amur Udronik”. Here he composes his first short stories, three of which have been awarded prizes.

In 1948 Alexander Matveevich writes the adventure story “The Secret of Red Lake”. Here he talked about geologists. The next book, “The Fall of Tesima-Retto,” has the same genre. It is dedicated to the liberation of the Kuril Islands.

The author wrote about heroic builders Komsomolsk-on-Amur, about far eastern travel, about border guards. The author has a story about nature, which is called “Forest rustles”.

Personal life

The writer had a big family. Daughter Anna recalled that his father did not like incubated places; with him they often moved. And at that time in the family there were already four children, the wife of the father and their mother – Efrosinya Ivanovna, and also the mother of Alexander Matveevich. According to the writer’s daughter, they called her woman Lida. Alyaksandr Grachev had four children — three sons and a daughter. But one of the boys died in 1957, and her daughter was not in 2019.

Alexander Matveevich himself retired from life in the spring of 1973. He still had many unrealized ideas, and an unfinished book about the travels of his youth was then published in 1974.

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