Alexander Dulov: a brief biography

Starting conditions


 future performer of the Bardovian song came to light on May 15, 1931 in the family of employees. His parents resided in Moscow. A tiny room in a communal apartment near Pushkin Square became a launching pad for the future author – performer. The sick neighbor had a piano on which she allowed the child to muse.

The father left the family when the boy was knocked just three years old. The mother had to lift the baby alone. In school, Sasha studied only perfectly. When the war broke out, he and his mother, was evacuated to the Urals. Three years living in harsh climatic and social conditions did not affect his responsive and mild nature. After returning to Moscow, he continued his schooling. The guys from the adjacent yard showed him three guitar chords, and Dulov fell in love with the classic seven-string instrument for the rest of his life.

Scientific and creative activity 

After graduating from the school with a gold medal, Dulov entered the chemical Faculty of Moscow State University. During his student years, he began writing songs systematically. Tourist hikes and trips “on potatoes” were accompanied by songs, which were performed by Alexander to his own accompaniment. In 1954, the chartered engineer received a referral to the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and spent more than fifty years working within its walls. During this period he published eighty plus scientific papers and monographs. He defended his PhD, and then his doctoral dissertation.

Throughout the active period of his life, Dulov did not part with his guitar, composed and performed songs on poems by famous poets and his own. The creative pace slowed only during those periods when it was necessary to work intensively on dissertations and prepare books for publication. Alexander Andreevich with all his strength tried not to refuse when he was invited to speak at any event. He did not only perform lyrical songs. His repertoire included compositions on poems by Varlam Shalamov and Anatoly Zhigulin, which spoke about the victims of the times of great terror.

Recognition and personal life

Songs “The Lame King”, “Circle Taiga”, “Three Pines” and many others were performed by professional singers and singers. Alexander Dulov did not receive official titles from the authorities. At the recording studio “Melody” released three author albums by the author artist.

The personal life of the scientist and the bard developed safely. He, like a normal man, was married. Husband and wife raised and raised daughter Elena, who gave them four grandchildren. Alexander Dulov retired from life in November 2007. He was buried in the cemetery of Kideksha village in Vladimir Oblast.

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