Alexander Dolsky: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 Observation experts have long noticed that talented people regularly appear in the Urals. Appear, develop, achieve notoriety and leave for the capital. Alexander Aleksandrovich Dolsky came to light on June 7, 1938 in a family of creative intellectuals. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Sverdlovsk. His father served as soloist for the local opera house. The mother, a professional ballerina, taught choreography at a theater school. The boy showed musical abilities from an early age.

At school, Dolsky studied well. His favorite subjects were literature and drawing. He spent all his spare time in children’s choir classes. At the time when Alexander was knocked 10 years old, he took to the stage of the Sverdlovsk Drama Theatre as part of a choral group of boys. Such outtakes were spelled out in the scripted operas “Carmen” and “The Queen of Spades”. No wonder the boy got carried away by playing the guitar. It will be more accurate to say that he began to compulsively learn the technique of playing from his friends in the yard.

Creative path

After receiving a matriculation certificate, Dolsky entered the building faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Already in his first year he was invited to join the student vocal and instrumental ensemble. Alexander not only gamblingly labal on guitar, but also composed words to amateur songs. In parallel he mastered saxophone, contrabass, banjo and other instruments. During the same period, the student performed in the regional Philharmonic, performing solo tunes on guitar. Dolsky’s poems were regularly published in the institute multicirculation “For Industrial Personnel”.

After graduating from the institute, Alexander went to graduate school and to the evening department of the music school. He actively participated in various activities of the city palace of culture. Performed with his songs on television and radio. In 1975 Dolsky moved to Leningrad and started working at the Research Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning. After a few years, he was invited to join the company of the Theatre of Miniatures, which was directed by Arkady Raikin. The city on the Neva inspired many poets. Nor was Dolsky an exception. He wrote and sang a lot. He gave recitals and recorded records.


recognition and personal life


Alexander Dolsky was known in all corners of the Soviet Union. In those places where the author did not have time to reach, his songs from the plates and the screen of the TV were heard. Dolsky was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR” for his great contribution to the development of culture.

The personal life of the musician and poet developed safely. He was legally married only once. Husband and wife raised and raised three sons. Today, being in adulthood, Alexander Aleksandrovich continues to engage in creativity. Occasionally performs in compilation concerts.

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