Alexander Barykin: a brief biography

Starting conditions The

fate of each person largely determines the circle of close relatives. The future musician and performer of his own songs came to light on February 18, 1952 in an ordinary Soviet family. At that time, the parents lived in the settlement of Berezovo, which is located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. A year later, the younger brother Vasily appeared in the house. A few months after this event, his father was transferred to a new place of work in the suburbs of Lyubertsy. The head of the family served as the chief mechanic in the enterprise producing agricultural machinery. The mother worked as an engineer in an electric lamp factory.

Alexander began to show his musical and vocal abilities early on. Already in kindergarten, he and his younger brother sang in the choir. The head of the family played quite well on string instruments – guitar and balalaika. He once gave Sasha a mandolin. The boy expressed his desire to learn a note certificate and he was enrolled in music school, where he was trained to play on the domra. In eighth grade, Barykin together with his friend Andrei Lykov organized the school vocal and instrumental ensemble “Allegro”. Young musicians played on solemn events, dance floors and on the stage of the local culture house.

Creative activity

After graduation, in 1969, Barykina was called into the ranks of the armed forces. The conscript grabbed a guitar with him. He was immediately assigned a company casserole. In his free time, Alexander sang songs of his own composition for his fellow soldiers. Returning to the citizen, he enrolled in the vocal department of the Gnesin Music School. In 1973 Barykin was invited to the group “Muscovites”. In a short time he proved himself and became an ensemble soloist. And that was just the beginning.


talented performer was noticed and invited to the composition of the most famous at that time in the Soviet Union group “Merry Guys”. It was in this team that Barykin performed the songs “Eternal Spring”, “I will not approach you”, “Invitation to travel”, which for a long time became hits. Over the next few years, Alexander played in the band “Gems”, “Pearl” and others. Finally in 1979 he managed to form his own creative collective, which became known as “Carnival”.

Recognition and personal life

Many songs of Alexander Barykin became hits for a long time. Enough to call “Airport”, “Bouquet”, “Ocean”. Working with the band Carnival, the composer regularly recorded albums and records. Clips for Alexander’s songs regularly appeared on television.


musician’s personal life cannot be called stable. Alexander was legally married twice. With his first wife Galina, he lived for 30 years. The marriage had a son and a daughter. With his second spouse, who was named Nelly, Barykin spent nearly six years. Husband and wife worked in the same collective. Composer and singer Alexander Barykin died suddenly in March 2011 during a tour trip to Orenburg. The musician is buried in the Troyekurov Cemetery of Moscow.

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