Age of Silent Cinema: Creation Story, Famous Actors and Films

How it all started

 Many who tried to make films before the Lumiere brothers: Edward Maybridge, George Eastman, Louis Leprens. But the first to patent and demonstrate to the public their invention Louis and Auguste Lumières, who toiled in their father’s photographic materials factory. They are considered the inventors of the apparatus for shooting and projecting “moving photographs”. In Paris, on Boulevard Capuchins, ten films with a total length of 20 minutes were shown for the first time on December 28, 1895.

The invention quickly spread around the world. The Lumière brothers themselves considered their find merely scientific curiosities and did not count on commercial success. They had no idea that cinema could serve to tell stories, and they absolutely didn’t think it would become an art form. The brothers were content to record scenes of everyday life on film. Then cinema has not yet acquired its “language” and style of displaying the world.

Where silent films were shown

First, when films were still a new spectacle, the public had no place, and the cinema was shown at street fairs or in any suitable room. In 1910, the first cinema halls appeared. They competed with music halls and theaters. Gradually, luxury cinemas began to emerge with catchy interiors, buffets and glowing advertising outside.

Music and facial expressions

There was no synchronous sound in cinema until 1927. Actually, that’s why he was called mute. Actors had to use facial expressions and gestures to express feelings. The screening of the films was accompanied by music played in the auditorium tapeur. That’s what the pianist was called.


In silent movies there were enough unique moments, which were forgotten with the arrival of sound. One landmark example is metaphorical montage. It means sudden insertions into scenes, disrupting the smooth course of action and thus reminding the audience that they are watching game movies, not real life.

Eccentric comedy also deserves special attention. This genre originated due to silent cinema and spawned many masterpieces.

Famous films 

Originally the Lumiere brothers showed videos based on real life. The first playable films was the comedy “The Watered Watcher”, which lasted only 49 seconds. Its plot was built on stupid positions, and the characters mostly chased each other and took opleuchs. The genre was subsequently dubbed “crack comedy”.

Famous paintings from the silent film era include:

  • “Journey to the Moon”;
  • “Cucius Musketeer”;
  • “Security the debate of everything!”
  • ;

  • “Sunrise”;
  • “Wheel”.

Famous actors

Charlie Chaplin is one of the famous silent film actors. He began his career in theatre, as did many of his colleagues. He gained popularity thanks to the image of a vagabond, which always fell into absurd situations. In 1917, Chaplin became the most expensive actor of those times.

Mary Pickford made her film debut in 1909. World fame was brought to her by the image of a naive teenage girl.

Harold Lloyd made his film debut in 1912. His most famous image is the non-rasous goggle workaholic.

Vera Cold was a star of Russian silent film. Her name on the billboard was the guarantor of good cash fees.

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