Actress Valentina Lyapina: biography, filmography, interesting facts

Actress Valentina Lyapina came to light in 2002. There was this event on June 14 in the capital of Russia. Neither father nor mom are related to movies. But that didn’t stop the talented girl from proving herself in the creative profession. Valentine is not the only child in the family. She has a younger brother, whose name is Constantine.

A brief biography

Actress Valentina Lyapina began to showcase her talent from a very young age. It didn’t go unnoticed for parents. They decided to enroll the girl in a dance studio. There was a place on the list of hobbies for vocals and sports. The girl was doing taekwondo.

She worked Valentina on set as well. She starred mostly in commercials. It’s not uncommon for her photos to appear on the covers of glossy magazines. It was succeeded in 2014 to enter the theatre stage for the first time. The girl played a role in the play “Lear. King”.

Talented actress Valentina Lyapina received education in the gymnasium with in-depth study of English.

Creative biography

Actress Valentina Lyapina starred in “Eralash”. It was from this humorous TV magazine that her career in cinema began. Then there was a role in the miniseries project “Closed School”. Valentina appeared in season 4 in the image of Tasi Baryshnikova.

Over the next few years, the filmography of actress Valentina Lyapina was replenished with several projects at once. You can see her in paintings such as “The Old Suitcase” and “God Has His Plans”.

The first popularity came after the release of the film “On the Wings”. Valentina played the lead role. In front of the audience appeared in the image of Malvina. Popularity only increased after the release of such projects as “The Voronins”, “The New Man” and “The Alien Daughter”.

The workshop was won by the artist the role of the leading heroine in the film “Dear Dad”. Together with Valentina on set Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Ieva Andreevaite, Irina Pegova worked.

Actively filmed talented girl in films and at the present stage. Filmography of actress Valentina Lyapina has more than 30 projects. Films such as “Destiny of the Saboteur” and “Right to Choice” will soon be on screen. Valentina got roles in these projects. Her extreme works at the present stage are “Non-Football” and “World! Friendship! Gum.”

Outside the set


Valentina Lyapina has Instagram. She regularly posts a variety of photos on her account. Almost all her time the girl devotes to work. Free minutes prefer to spend on sports and meeting friends.

Actress Valentina Lyapina often goes to museums and attends dance lessons. Fascinating young artist with a direction such as Hip Hop. Attends the school her parents founded.

Interesting facts

  1. Initially, actress Valentina Lyapina didn’t even think about a career in cinema. I wanted to be a model She even participated in fashion screenings. But after first entering the theater stage, she realized that she wanted to star in films.
  2. In her interview Valentina Lyapina admitted that music helps to get into the image. For each character, she picks up her playlist, which later listens for hours.
  3. In the free time of filming Valentina right in the wagon does lessons. Combining school classes and work is hard for her, but the girl copes.
  4. Valentina prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle. She regularly attends the gym. Doesn’t forget to train and at home.
  5. Valentina was afraid of dogs. But thanks to filming in a motion picture, “The World! Friendship! Gum!” managed to cope with her fears.

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