Actress Stasya Miloslavskaya: biography, filmography, personal life

Actress Stasya Miloslavskaya was born in the capital of Russia. This event occurred in 1995, May 4. The family was creative. Father’s name is Peter. He plays guitar. He performed first in a cover band, and subsequently went on to direct the Melody Variety and Jazz Orchestra. The mother of the actress is connected with creativity. Her name is Natalia. She was a model. Subsequently, she worked as a translator and performed songs in musicals. Over time I became passionate about gardening.

Anastasia Miloslavskaya was an only child. Natalia gave birth to her daughter late enough. So as a child, the future actress was very moody and spoiled. The girl in the interview repeatedly noted that Nastya her parents never named her. Just Stasey.

The short biography


Stasya Miloslavskaya in parallel with the training at school was engaged in a wide variety of circles. She was keen on painting, learning to play the piano and singing in the choir. There was room for acrobatic rock and roll and classical ballet on the list of hobbies.

The first thought of a career in cinema appeared in childhood years. The girl signed up at the Rampa Theatre Studio. And after a few months, she realized that she wanted to be an actress. After graduation, Stasya Miloslavskaya submitted documents to the MHAT. It was succeeded on the first attempt.

Together with our heroine, actors such as Philipp Ershov and Taisia Vilkova studied in the same course. Both artists continue to be active in films. And Philip often gets roles in the same projects as Stasya.

The creative biography of Stasi Miloslavska started while studying. At first, she performed in instructional performances. Then there was a debut on the stage of the Maria Yermolova Theatre. Due to the role in the play “Romeo and Juliet. Version” on the talented actress was paid attention by Oleg Menshikov. In his troupe, Stasya began to work after receiving her diploma.

The film career

“Box” is the first project in the filmography of Stasi Miloslavska. She got the role after finishing her freshman year. In front of the audience appeared in the image of a girl named Nastya. Together with our heroine Sergey Romanovich and Oleg Vasilkov worked on the set.

The first fame came due to the multi-series Ukrainian project “Red bracelets”. Got one of the leading roles. Played Christina — a girl who tries to get rid of anorexia. Together with her in the painting was played by a fellow student — Philipp Ershov. In Russia, this project came out only a few years after the completion of the film works.

In the filmography of Stasi Miloslavska it is also worth highlighting such films as “#Все_исправить!?!” , “Wardrobe Shchitsa” and “House of Porcelain”. Along with our heroine, famous actors have always worked on the set. It is both Anatoly White, and Daria Moroz, and Natalia Vdovina, and Igor Zhizhikin, and Yulia Aug.

Actress Stasi Miloslavska’s popularity increased after the release of the miniseries project “Ordinary Woman”. The girl played a supporting role. But she coped beautifully. No less popular project was the painting “90s. Fun and loud.” Together with the girl, Roman Kurtsyn, Philip Ershov and Egor Trukhin worked on the creation of the painting.

In order to reliably play a law enforcement officer in the film “Mounted Police”, Stase had to learn to ride horseback. On the first shooting day the girl could get a serious injury. The horse tried to throw the actress off the saddle. But thankfully couldn’t do it.

I had to learn fencing, because Stasya got a role in the film “On the spearhead”. Together with her, Svetlana Khodchenkova worked on the creation of the project. In the plot of the film, they were rivals.

The extreme work in Stasi Miloslavska’s filmography is “Call Center”. Got a minor role. In the near future, projects such as “Drive”, “Fire” and “Sagittarius” will be released on screens.

Outside the set

How are things in Stasi Miloslavskaya’s personal life? She hasn’t talked to anyone about it for a long time. And once she had to build relationships with anyone. Most of the time was taken up by filming and rehearsals.

However, rumors of her novels were still circulating. Attributed to her were relationships mostly with fellow set members and former fellow students. The girl neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

And then there was information that Stasya Miloslavskaya and Alexander Petrov meet. For the sake of the girl, the actor broke up with Irina Starshenbaum. And these rumors confirmed both Stasya and Alexander. They are together and at the present stage. On Instagram of actors often you can see joint photos.

Stasya Miloslavskaya and Alexander Petrov met while working on the creation of the film “Streltsov”. They played a married couple. Love transferred from the set to real life. According to some journalists, Alexander made an offer to the elected woman and received consent. The wedding is scheduled for 2020.

Miloslavskaya Anastasia Petrovna likes to travel in her spare time. She admitted more than once that she adores walking barefoot on Asian beaches. She is also interested in new people and culture of other countries.

Interesting facts

  1. On the 25th anniversary Alexander Petrov fulfilled his sweetheart’s dream. He gave the actress a kitten. The pet has already received a name — Samantha.
  2. In the theater studio actress Stasya Miloslavskaya signed up thanks to her friend’s consent. As a result, she was delayed for 6 years. And the friend only studied for a few weeks.
  3. At school, no one believed that Anastasia Miloslavskaya would be able to enter a theater school. She was abused by both teachers and classmates. Academic performance suffered because of this. But the girl managed to cope with exams and enter MHAT.
  4. Miloslavskaya Anastasia Petrovna could not have starred in the film “Red Bracelets”. She wanted to refuse filming because she planned to visit Thailand with friends.
  5. To play in the film “One Breath”, actress Stasa Miloslavska had to master a new musical instrument — the violin.
  6. After several failed relationships, Stasya announced to meet the actors. But she hasn’t kept her promise.

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