Actress Sofya Shutkina: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Shutkina Sofya Sergeevna appeared on December 3, 1993. There was this event in Perm in a family that was not related to cinema. The girl did not plan to be in a movie. Sofya attended a dance studio for several years. I wanted to dedicate my life to this sphere.

Brief biography

Actress Sofya Shutkina started dancing at 3 years old. Over a few years I have achieved considerable success. She regularly participated in different competitions, competitions. She became a master of sports, a three-time champion of Russia. Even in the world competitions in Latin American dance took part, winning bronze.

When she turned 18, the girl decided to end her dance career. She wanted to expand her horizons, try herself in another sphere. On her mother’s advice, she enrolled in a theater school. She received her education in VGIK. Her mentor was Grammatian. She finished her studies with a red diploma.

Creative biography 

Actress Sofya Shutkina began to star in movies while studying. She received her first role in the motion picture “Private Pioneer”. Played a minor role. Her heroine didn’t even have a name.

The fame came when the filmography of actress Sofya Shutkina was replenished by the multi-series project “Molodezhka”. Started in a motion picture from season 4. In front of the audience appeared in the image of Anastasia Orlova. The talented girl coped perfectly with her role. Along with her, Alexander Sokolovsky, Vladimir Yaglych and Anastasia Ukolova worked on the set.

The motion picture “The Well of Forgotten Wishes” was successful. Actress Sofya Shutkina was given the role of lead heroine. You can see her in the role of Victoria. And the work on the creation of the film “The Witch” brought the girl a prestigious film award.

Filmography of actress Sofya Shutkina has more than 20 projects. She stars, both in domestic and Turkish TV series. It is worth highlighting such paintings as “Circular”, “Sultan of my heart”, “Marriage Games”, “Power of Circumstance”, “Matryoshki”, “On the Edge”. Films with Sofya Shutkina, such as Sleepy Sickness and Eleven Silent Men, will soon be on screen.

Outside the set

How are things in Sofia Shutkina’s personal life? On this topic the talented girl doesn’t want to talk to journalists. It is reputably known that she is unmarried and she has no children. Fans can only speculate about the presence of a favorite.

In her spare time, actress Sofya Shutkina pays attention to sports. She prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle. Didn’t give up dancing either. He regularly attends the dance hall. Sofya likes to run, meditates a lot. Refused to eat meat.

Interesting facts

  1. As a child, actress Sofja Shutkina lived in Slovenia for several years. For this country she has appeared in several competitions.
  2. Sofya is often confused with another Russian actress — Anastasia Stezhko.
  3. After returning from Slovenia, the actress recovered greatly. Because of what it happened, she still doesn’t understand. She was able to regain her former form in 4 years. In this she was helped by regular training sessions and proper nutrition.
  4. Sofya prefers to get up very early. Her day starts at 5.00. Sometimes allows yourself to sleep for 30 more minutes.
  5. Sofya regularly participates in charity events. She helps animals and sends things to orphanages.

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