Actress Ravshana Kurkova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Ravshana Kurkova has starred in a huge number of films. Famous to her came after the release of projects such as “Unreal Love” and “Without Borders”. He continues to work actively on the set and at the present stage.

A brief biography


Ravshan Kurkov was born in Tashkent in a family that knows what cinematography is. There was this event in 1980, on August 22. Father is Bahram Matchanov. After graduating from theatre school, he worked in theatre. Mom — Rano Kubayev. She’s an actress.


girl became interested in acting career from a very young age. She often visited the theater and watched her parents play on stage. However, Bahran and Rano did not want the girl to associate her life with cinema. It seemed to them that Ravshana should get a more stable profession. The girl was obedient, so for a while forgot about the actress’s career.


upbringing was rigorous. The girl lived practically “in custody”. There was no time left for walks and romantic relationships. The actress paid all the attention to learning. She often played chess with her grandfather.

After receiving her certificate, actress Ravshana Kurkova went to Moscow. She decided to enroll in a philologist. Parents could not pay for the girl’s stay in the Russian capital. But the persistent actress began to work as a model. She participated in different photo shoots, starred in commercials. Then the girl began to be invited to the TV series as an actress. Over time, Ravshanu captured the filming process so much that she decided to link her life to film.

The girl began to attend directing courses. Skills improved under the leadership of Tatiana Pyshnova. I did not drop out and study at teacher training university.

Creative biography of Ravshana Kurkova

The first project in filmography is “The Mystery of Ferns”. She starred in a motion picture when she was only 12 years old.

After graduating from the Normal University, she worked for a time as a grimer’s assistant and helped direct. Then she was the casting director. Helped aspiring actresses get roles. But Ravshana herself wanted to be on stage and star in movies.

The dream has been fulfilled. She began to receive roles in motion pictures. But appeared in minor episodes that had no effect on the popularity of the girl. The first significant project in the filmography of Ravshana Kurkova is “Medusa”. The girl first got the lead role.


first fame of the talented actress was brought by work in the film “Three Girls”. Ravshana masterfully played her role. Appeared to the audience in the image of Maya. Films with Ravshana Kurkova began to be released on screens regularly. The girl began to get more meaningful roles.

A career breakthrough came when Ravshana Kurkova’s filmography was replenished with the film series “Barvikha”. In front of the audience, our heroine appeared in the image of Angela. Projects such as “Golden” and “Island of Unnecessary People” have also been successful.

The actress tries to star in a variety of films so as not to become a hostage to one role. Ravshana Kurkova can masterfully win back a sniper (Faith in the film “Balkan frontier”) and a janitor (film “And at us in the yard”).

In the filmography of Ravshana Kurkova it is worth highlighting such projects as “On the edge of standing”, “Moms”, “What men do”, “Lovers Women”, “Unreal Love”, “Kids Rental”, “Call DiCaprio”, “Last Toss”, “For First Oncoming”, “Abigail”.

The extreme project is “The Cruel World of Men”. At the present stage, the actress is shot in several paintings at once. Soon such films with Ravshana Kurkova as “Crimea” and “Chernobyl will be released on screens. Abyss”.

Outside the set,

Ravshana Kurkova’s first husband is Semyon Kurkov. He works as a photographer. The acquaintance took place during the training. A tumultuous affair broke out that escalated into a serious relationship. Ravshana became pregnant, but she was never able to give birth. After this tragic event, the relationship fell apart. The decision was made to disperse. The actress did not return her maiden name.

Ravshana Kurkova’s second husband is famous entertainer Artem Tkachenko. The acquaintance took place during the film festival. At that point, the girl was dating his friend. But feelings for Artem proved stronger. Together they lived for about 4 years. But the relationship fell apart. According to the artists, just passed love. After the divorce, Ravshan and Artem managed to maintain friendly relations. Subsequently, starred in several films together.

Then there was a four-year relationship with Ilya Bachurin. This time, actress Ravshana Kurkova did not want to be painted. As it turns out, not for nothing. The relationship fell apart. Then there was an affair with Ivan Korneev. The relationship with stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev became more lasting. Journalists even talked about the wedding. But the relationship fell apart and the actress admitted there was no wedding.

How are things in Ravshana Kurkova’s personal life at the present stage? On the subject, she stopped talking to anyone. Rumors of her novels appear all the time. But she doesn’t confirm them.

  1. Ravshan Kurkov’s

    interesting facts

    grew up a very closed child. She was complex because of her appearance.

  2. The

  3. artist’s maiden name is Matchanova.
  4. Actress Ravshana Kurkova participated in the poetry project “City of Poems”. She read the poem “All Important Phrases Must Be Quiet”.
  5. Ravshana Kurkova loves yoga. Regularly performs stretch exercises and visits the pool. Thanks to this in her 39 years the girl looks lovely.
  6. Having starred in the film “Balkan frontier” Ravshan was able to cope with one of her fears – fear of heights. She had to work on the roofs of dilapidated buildings.
  7. Ravshana has a driver. She considers him one of her primary assistants. He even renovated in mom’s apartment helped do.
  8. For the

  9. sake of the role in the film “Nureyev. White Raven”, Ravshana gained 8 kg. She began to eat more carbs and forgot about sports. The former form returned in 4 months.
  10. Ravshana Kurkova has Instagram. She often puts out a variety of shots, pleasing numerous fans.

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