Actress Olga Venikova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Venikova Olga Dmitrievna’s acting talent began to show from a very young age. Her parents at once it became clear that the girl is able to achieve considerable success in cinema. And one of the last roles confirms they were right.

The short biography

Actress Olga Venikova was published on June 29, 1992. A girl was born in a creative family. Mother Irina is engaged in writing novels. Father Dmitry is a director. Almost immediately after the birth of the child, the parents decided to divorce. Subsequently, his father remarried and his mother moved to live in Prague. At the present stage Olga maintains good relations with both Dmitry and Irina.

Olga dreamed of an acting career from an early age. Therefore, after graduation, she entered the Shchepkin school. I managed the exams on the first attempt. Acting received education under the direction of Klyuev.

Creative biography

Actress Olga Venikova played her first role in the miniseries project “Univer. A new hollow.” Appeared in a small episode in the motion picture “Survive After”. She received her first major role in the film “Driving School”. In front of the audience appeared in the image of a cadet Masha.

“ Hotel Eleon” is a successful project in the filmography of actress Olga Venikova. Masterfully won back the maid Jana. It was this role that brought the first fame to our heroine. Equally successful for the talented girl was the role of tutor in the popular multi-series project “Ivanovy-Ivanovs”.

In a few years such films with Olga Venikova as “The Last Bogatyr”, “Call DiCaprio!” , “The Baker and the Beauty”, “The Stepfather”, “Looking for You” and “On Different Shores”. Thanks to these projects, she gained experience and got acquainted with the stars of domestic cinema.

Huge popularity piled on the girl after the release of the film “Call Center”. Olga played the secondary heroine Jana. Masterfully coped with the task set by the director. Along with her, such actors as Vladimir Yaglych, Pavel Tabakov and Yulia Khlynina worked on the platform.

Extreme work in the filmography of actress Olga Venikova is the motion picture “The Last Day of the War”. At the present stage he is working on the creation of the film “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy

Outside the set

How are things in Olga Venikova’s personal life? The girl was married. She met her spouse at the age of 17. Almost immediately married. Olga Venikova’s ex-husband is Saveliy Matyukhin.

The relationship seemed strong and stable. However, after the release of the miniseries Call Center project, the divorce became known. The reasons remained unknown, but journalists spread rumors that the break-up was due to the fault of the man.

At the present stage about Olga Venikova’s personal life almost nothing is known. She doesn’t like talking to reporters on the subject.

Interesting facts

  1. Actress Olga Venikova knows how to cook. One of the most favorite dishes is pasta in cream sauce. Cooking learned to feed her husband.
  2. The girl regularly works out in the gym, attends yoga classes and learns to fencing.
  3. Olga can play the piano. The music school attended in his youth. Also the girl can dance and talk in English.
  4. Olga Venikova’s best friend is actress Anastasia Ukolova. The girl regularly posts joint photos to Instagram.
  5. Olga Venikova’s filmography has more than 20 projects.

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