Actress Maria Andreeva: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

Andreeva Maria Andreevna came to light in 1986, July 12. There was this event in Kirovgrad. Almost immediately after the birth of the daughter, parents made the decision to move to Moscow. This is where the children’s years of the popular actress passed.

Brief biography of Maria Andreeva

was trained as an actress at the Gymnasium named after Grigory of Neokesari. Often together with classmates visited a variety of exhibitions. Maria liked everything that had to do with art.

After a few years, the girl was transferred to another school, which placed emphasis on teaching English. At the new institution Maria didn’t like it. She couldn’t find common ground with her classmates.

In parallel with her training, actress Maria Andreeva studied psychology. She even attended specialized courses and looked at trainings. It was at the courses that teachers noted the acting talent of the girl. They advised her to pursue a career in film. After receiving her certificate, Maria entered the Shchepkin School. Education was received under the supervision of the Solomins.

Creative biography of Maria Andreeva

After receiving her diploma, the professional actress immediately got a job in the Small Theatre. She almost instantly became a mainstream artist. Over the course of her career, she played in several dozen performances. She also performed in Fomenko’s Workshop. The talented girl had a lot of work. And Maria coped with her tasks perfectly. She regularly received a wide variety of theatrical awards.

“ Nostalgia for the Future” is the first project in Maria Andreeva’s filmography. The role of the girl received minor. Over the next few years, several films with Maria Andreeva came to the screens. One of the successful paintings was “The Book of Masters”. Together with our heroine, the stars of the domestic cinema worked on the set.

But the real fame for the girl came after the film “Duchless” was released on screens. Along with her, Danila Kozlovsky worked on the creation of the tape. Thanks to this project Maria woke up famous. Got a girl role and in the sequel, which came out after 3 years.

Maria Andreeva’s filmography should highlight such works as “The Cliff”, “The Fighters”, “Live on”, “The Executioner”, “The Warrior”, “B/B”, “The Spider”, “The Jackal”, “Julbars”. Soon such films with Maria Andreeva as “Chernobyl” and “Silence” will be released on screens.

Outside the set

How are things in Maria Andreeva’s personal life? The actress doesn’t like to talk to reporters on the subject. But periodically, rumors about her novels still appeared in the press. After the release of the film “Duchless”, there were conversations about a relationship with Danila Kozlowski. But these rumors Maria denied.

In 2018, it was revealed that the actress had married. Maria Andreeva’s husband is Anton Khundadze. The man already had a child from his first marriage. However, the girl easily managed to establish relations with him.

A few months later, rumors of a break-up surfaced. However, they were dispelled by Anton. Maria Andreeva’s husband posted a picture of his wife and newborn toddler on his Instagram page. Happy parents of the child named Ilya. It should be noted that the actress masterfully hid her pregnancy.

Interesting facts

  1. After transferring to another school Maria started skipping lessons. Parents learned about it and gave their daughter to psychological training. It was after that that she developed an interest in psychology.
  2. The girl tried to join GITIS. But she couldn’t. But in Shchepkin school I passed entrance examinations without problems.
  3. Maria Andreeva has Instagram. But the girl rarely posts pictures.

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