Actress Lyubov Aksenova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Aksenova Lyubov Pavlovna is a domestic film actress. She masterfully stars in a wide variety of roles, thanks to which she has gained huge popularity. Widespread fame to the girl came due to the film “Major”.

Aksenov Lyubov’s

short biography

came to light in 1990, March 15. There was this event in the capital of Russia. Neither father nor mom has anything to do with cinema and creativity. Dad’s a military man. Mom works as a pharmacist. Love is not the only child in the family. She has a brother, Danila.

The girl received education at school with advanced study of foreign languages. She had a lot of hobbies. She was keen on dancing and loved to go downhill skiing. Subsequently, ballroom dances had to be abandoned, because the girl simply didn’t have enough time. But downhill skiing has not abandoned. Loves to ride at the present stage as well.

Trained at school, actress Lyubov Aksenova often performed in various events, concerts. She began to show her acting talent from her young years. The girl liked acting on stage. So she decided to become an actress.

After receiving her certificate, Lyubov entered her first attempt at GITIS. Acting honed in Scheinin’s workshop.


actress began

creative biography of Lyubovy Aksenova

to work on the set in her student years. She received a minor role in the motion picture “Our Neighbors”. More successful was the multi-series “Closed School” project. The talented girl appeared before the audience in the image of Kristina Panfilova. Lubov Aksenova’s filmography from this moment began to be regularly replenished.

Famous girl made a role in the film “Survive After”. Love appeared before the audience in the image of the main character. Thanks to her participation in this project, the actress attracted the attention of eminent directors.

Over the next few years, films with Lyubov Aksenova, such as “Loves – Doesn’t Love”, “Embracing the Sky”, “Homeland”, “Night Guardians” came to the screens.

But the actress’s greatest success came from roles in such pictures as “The Exes” and “Guliai, Vasya”. In the first project on the set, the girl worked together with Denis Shvedov. In the second tape, Efim Petrunin and Roman Kurtsyn became partners.

She received Lyubov Aksenova roles in such pictures as “Salyut-7″, “Going by anguish”, “Beyond Reality”. “Major” is another successful project in the filmography of Lyubovi Aksenova. She joined the cast of the series in season 2. Masterfully played her role, so she appeared before the audience and in the sequel. Played Katya.

The girl has experience in foreign TV series. You can see Love in the “Jack Ryan” miniseries project. Appeared to the audience in the image of Irina.

In the filmography of Lyubov Aksenova it is worth highlighting such projects as “Without Me”, “Russian Bes”, “Selfie”, “Zero World”, “Former 2”. “Coma” is an extreme project in which our heroine starred. Soon, films with Lyubov Aksenova, such as “Gulyai, Vasya 2″, “Konstanki 2”, “Secure Communications” will be released on screens. It is planned that the girl will get a role in the motion picture “Major Thunder. Plague Doctor.” The audience will appear in the image of a journalist.

Outside the set

How are things in Liubov Aksenova’s personal life? She’s married. Her chosen name is Pavel Aksenov. Familiarity took place thanks to mutual friends. They met at the cinema at the premiere of the movie “Rosehip”. At that moment the girl on Paul even didn’t pay attention.

But a week later met again at a dinner with friends. It was at this point that feelings arose between them. With the wedding, they didn’t pull. Together and at the present stage. The young couple have no children yet.

Lyubovi Aksenova’s husband is a producer and developer of computer games. Fond of video shooting and clothing design.

Interesting facts

  1. If actress Lyubov Aksenova could not enter a theater studio, she would become a lawyer.
  2. Lyubov Aksenov leads a healthy lifestyle. The girl visits the gym regularly, runs frequently and sticks to proper nutrition.
  3. To reliably play the role of a drug-addicted girl, the actress went hungry for a month.
  4. Liubov Aksenova has Instagram. She often puts out a wide variety of shots, pleasing her fans.
  5. The actress has a pet — a toy-terrier.
  6. At a young age, the actress smoked. But she managed to get rid of her deleterious habit.
  7. The actress adores nature. She even finds time to clean up in parks. Garbage is carefully sorted by packets and thrown into appropriate urns.
  8. While filming in the film “Without Me,” the actress split from her husband. It did to reliably play the role of a girl who lost her beloved. But it was enough for only 2 weeks of separation, after which Paul and Love moved together again.
  9. For the 7th year of living together, Lyubov Aksenova and her husband again exchanged vows in love and loyalty.

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