Actress Ksenia Teplova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Ksenia Viktorovna Teplova started her career on the theater stage. She performed in a variety of performances for more than 10 years. But she became famous because of the cinema. It is filmed mostly in television series.

Short biography

Actress Ksenia Teplova appeared in the capital of Russia. There was this event in 1986, on April 10. Her family was associated with creativity. Mom teaches at a theater school, does choreography. Her name is Margarita Suvorova. Father — Victor Vasiliev. He’s a popular actor. He starred in projects such as “Children of the Sun” and “Law & Order”.

In childhood years Ksenia Teplova didn’t plan to become an actress. She dreamed of dancing. I spent a lot of time with my mom. However, after obtaining her certificate, Xenia dramatically changed her decision. She wanted to be an actress. Education was received at MHAT under Kozak and Brusnikin.

Creative biography

Actress Ksenia Teplova began to perform on the theater stage in her student years. After becoming a professional actress, she took a job at MHT. Played in a huge number of performances.

The first project in the filmography of actress Ksenia Teplova is “Span Goose”. In this film-performance the girl starred almost at the very beginning of her training. On set she found herself a few years later. She received a supporting role in the motion picture “Full Forward!”.

After completing his studies, Xenia began to frequent viewings. In the first time, she received exclusively occasional roles. But the actress was happy for such work as well. She was getting invaluable experience. She played her first major role in the short project “Surprise”. She was noticed by critics and presented with the award for “Best Actress”.

A few months later, the filmography of actress Ksenia Teplova was replenished with the film “All for You”. The girl was given the role of the lead heroine. She appeared in the image of Olga. This project brought the first fame to a talented actress. Popularity increased significantly after the release of the film “Daddy to grow”.

Filmography of the girl has more than 20 projects. It is worth highlighting such films with Ksenia Teplova, as “Angelika”, “Svatya”, “Rental Wife”, “Lavrova’s Method”, “Ahead of the Shot”, “Flight Crew”.

“ Night Shift” and “IP Pirogov” are the most successful and famous projects in filmography of actress Ksenia Teplova.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actress Ksenia Teplova? The beautiful girl was often credited with novels with fellow set members. For a long time there were rumors of a relationship with Aristarchus Venes. The reason for the emergence of such information was joint pictures published on Instagram. But the actress denied the rumours.

Ksenia Teplova’s first husband is Igor. Together, they studied at the institute. The relationship lasted long enough. The wedding took place in the last year. Together, Ksenia and Igor lived for 5 years. Maintain good relations at the present stage. After divorce, the girl decided to leave her husband’s surname. The actress’s maiden name is Vasilyeva.

Ksenia Teplova’s second husband is actor Artem Bystrov. He is known to audiences due to paintings such as “Optimists” and “Trotsky”. We also met during training. Together they are over 4 years. Xenia regularly posts joint pictures.

In 2015, Xenia gave birth. The daughter was named Maria by the happy parents.

Interesting facts

  1. Actress Ksenia Teplova is involved in sports. Before her daughter was born, she regularly attended the gym. At the present stage I try to train at home.
  2. Artem Bystrov did not like Ksenia at first. She always tried to run away at the sight of a man. But he managed to subdue her.
  3. During her pregnancy, Ksenia gained 15 kg. The first 6 left after giving birth. It took a few months for the girl to get herself into her original shape.
  4. Ksenia Teplova is often compared to Scarlett Johansson. Fans claim the actresses are similar.

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