Actress Julia Snigir: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Snigir Yulia Viktorovna is an actress who can masterfully play a role in both independent projects and Hollywood blockbusters. She can reincarnate both into an inconspicuous fool, and a fatal beauty, against which Bruce Willis is lost. Sometimes the perception arises that for a charming woman, nothing is impossible on set.

The biography of Julia Snigir

Actress appeared in 1983. There was this event on June 2 in the Tula region. Neither father nor mom had anything to do with film or creativity. Mom worked as a telephonist. The father taught the children to play chess. But neither Julia nor her younger brother Alexander this fact prevented from going to theater school and starting to star in films.

Initially, Snigir Yulia Viktorovna did not plan to connect her life with cinema. She studied to play chess, attended school. And after receiving the certificate and at all submitted documents to the pedagogical university. I could pass entrance exams only on the second attempt. She received her education in Moscow.

Modeling career

After graduation, the future actress began working as an English teacher. But a few months passed, and the girl realized that she didn’t like this sphere at all. Changes in the biography of Yulia Snigir occurred due to a random combination of circumstances.

Friends noticed that the girl in the photos looks always spectacular. They took the images to a modeling agency. A few days later, Julia was invited to the first photo shoot.


girl didn’t like working as a model. But thanks to this sphere she learned to work in front of cameras. Besides, one day she was noticed by Tatyana Talkova, who worked as a casting director. She advised the girl to visit several views. That’s how Yulia Snigir’s creative biography began.

The beginning of a career in cinema

Yulia Viktorovna failed her first viewings. The director was simply hesitant to take on the lead role a girl who has no relevant education and experience on set. However, he advised her to continue to attend the casting because she has acting talent.

And again the girl was helped by Tatyana Talkova. She recommended turning to casting director Tina Tumanishvili, who needed an actress. This time, the girl managed to pass the viewing. The first project in the creative biography of Yulia Snigir is the film “The Last Slaughter”.

Success in cinema

During filming in the film “Glyanec”, actress Yulia Snigir met Fyodor Bondarchuk. The director immediately noticed the talented girl and offered her a role in the film “Inhabitable Island”. In front of the audience our heroine appeared in the image of Rada Gaal. Thanks to this project the girl became recognized.

However, actress Julia Snigir did not like the way she performed the role. But the girl wouldn’t put her hands down. On the contrary, she began to act actively in different films, constantly worked on herself, hardly slept and sometimes switched off right on set. Such efforts did not go unnoticed. Julia constantly received invitations to shoot from eminent directors.

In the filmography of Yulia Snigir it is worth highlighting such projects as “Sky on Fire”, “Doctor Tyrsa”, “Rasputin”, “Polar Flight”,” Seventh Rune”, “Great”, “Land of Oz”, “Blockbuster”, “Captain Krutov Operetta”, “Bloody Lady”. The talented girl continues to be filmed at the present stage.

Julia Snigir’s role in foreign projects

Yulia managed to prove herself from the best side not only in domestic cinema. She appears regularly in foreign films as well. In 2013, she was surprised to learn that she had received one of the lead roles in a motion picture starring Bruce Willis. You can see the girl in the image of the fatal villainess in the film “Strong Nut 5. A good day to die.”

Yulia Snigir got her role completely by accident. She didn’t even think about what the casting could pass. Just slightly colored her eyes and went to the casting director.

After this role, Julia Snigir hired an agent in America. And in a few months I received an invitation to star in the film “Frostened”. I appeared in the image of the girl of the main character. Her set partner was Dylan McDermott.

Subsequently, Julia Snigir’s filmography was supplemented by another foreign project. She starred in the motion picture “Delirium”.

But the foreign career didn’t end there. The girl received an invitation to star in the miniseries project “New Dad”. Appeared to the audience in series 7 of the second season. Along with her, Jude Law toiled on the set. In front of the audience, the Russian actress appeared in the image of Eva.

As managed to get the role, Yulia Snigir does not know herself. Just one day she got a call from the casting director and asked to record video samples. Julia then had to demonstrate a model gait. The actress shot a video of herself walking and laughing at herself. The film crew may have liked it, and the girl was approved.

Outside the set,

Yulia Snigir’s first husband is Alexey. They met while studying at the Pedagogical University. The wedding took place when the girl was just 17 years old. But in their marriage, Yulia and Alexey lived only a few months. The man simply failed to understand the girl’s ambition to become an actress. After the divorce, Julia decided to leave her husband’s surname.

After the breakup, there were brief novels with Maxim Osadchim and Danila Kozlovsky. From the actor Julia left when he screwed an affair with Zoe Deutsch during the filming of the film “Academy of Vampires”.

Yulia Snigir’s second husband is Evgeny Tsyganov. The novel broke out while filming in the motion picture “Where the Homeland Begins”. Actors have long tried to hide the relationship. But then officially declared that together. This news became scandalous because of the actress Evgeny Tsyganov left his pregnant wife. But he didn’t stop communicating with the children.

For three years Yulia Snigir and Yevgeny Tsyganov lived in a civil marriage. It was subsequently revealed that the actors were secretly married in 2019. This news was told to everyone by Fedor Bondarchuk.

In March 2016, the actress gave birth. The child was decided to be called Fedor. At the present stage in Yulia Snigir’s personal life everything works out perfectly.

Interesting facts

  1. This is difficult to believe, but the spectacular girl in her younger years considered herself scary. She was very worried because of excessive lean.
  2. Actress Julia Snigir worked at the school. She taught English. Money was being put aside to help parents move to the capital.
  3. Snigir Yulia still received acting education. Almost at the very beginning of her career, she enrolled at the Shchukin School. She honed her skills under the guidance of an experienced teacher Ovchinnikov.
  4. Julia’s maiden name is Siriskina.
  5. Yulia Snigir has Instagram. The girl often puts out a variety of pictures.
  6. The actress is into yoga, loves cooking and reading.
  7. On one occasion Julia witnessed an explosion at McDonald’s. A child died in front of the girl. From that point on, she developed a fear of death.
  8. Julia Snigir’s filmography has more than 40 projects.

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