Actress Irina Gorbachev: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Irina Gorbacheva, whose biography is interesting not only to fans, but also to ordinary viewers, came to light in 1988, April 10. Her twin brother Igor was born together with her. There was this event in Mariupol in a family that was not connected in any way with cinema or creativity. Irina also has an older brother Denis.

Didn’t want to become actors Denis and Igor. The former works as a manager at Ikea, while the latter is a mover in Sheremetyevo. Didn’t plan to connect her life with cinema and Irina. She wanted to be either a coach or a hip-hop style dancer. But Irina Gorbacheva’s biography developed differently.

Almost immediately after the birth of the girl, the parents decided to move to Moscow. In the capital of Russia there was a tragedy — mother died. Only the father became engaged in parenting. It was hard for him, so Irina tried to help. In parallel with her schooling, she worked as a waitress, went to the factory, often worked in the market. But at the same time she always had time to visit the theater circle.

The school decided to enter thanks to the advice of one of the acquaintances. I passed the exams on my first attempt. She received her education at the Shchukin School under Rodion Ovchinnikov. After becoming a professional actress, Irina Gorbacheva got a job in Pyotr Fomenko’s workshop. Periodically performs on the stage of “Tabakerki”.

Creative biography of Irina Gorbacheva

The first project in which our heroine starred is a film “Indigo”. The girl got a very small role. For the next few years Irina paid full attention exclusively to theatrical productions. She performed on stage until she was offered the lead role.

“ Compensation” is the second project in Irina Gorbacheva’s filmography. In front of the audience appeared in the image of one of the main characters. Together with the girl on set worked Gosha Kutsenko, Lyubov Tolkalina and Vladimir Epifantsev.

It was this picture that attracted the attention of film makers to the talented actress Irina Gorbacheva. The girl began to receive invitations to shoot from eminent directors.

Having starred in several passing projects, Irina got the role, thanks to which instantly became famous. In the company of Aleksandra Bortić, she appeared before the audience in the film “I am thin”. Played the role of a minor but very important character – the best friend of the main character.


equally successful project in Irina Gorbacheva’s filmography was the film “Trainer”, in which Danila Kozlovsky played the lead role. The talented actress appeared in the image of the president of the football club.

But most fans highlight in the girl’s filmography the movie “Loud”. Irina starred in the company of actors such as Maria Mironova, Kamil Larin, Anastasia Ukolova, Leonid Barats and Rostislav Khait.

At the present stage, the girl continues to actively star in new paintings. In the near future, the Feedback film will be released on the screens. This project will be a continuation of the painting “Hands-free”. Irina will appear in projects such as “Fire” and “Draft” (TV series).

Outside the set

About personal life Irina Gorbachev isn’t shy to speak. For a long time she was in a relationship with Grigory Kalinin. The actors even got married. The solemn ceremony, to which the girl came in in a black dress, took place in 2015. But the relationship lasted only 3 years.

At first, the actors just decided to live separately. Irina left when she realized that Gregory was cheating on her. But then they began to live together again. The divorce was finally declared in 2018. The reason — just passed love.

Subsequently, there were conversations about an affair with director Eduard Hovhannisyan. But Irina wouldn’t comment on the rumours.

In her interviews Irina Gorbachev said that for a long time she conflicted with her father and older brother. But she found strength in herself and talked to them, apologized for all the grudges and quarrels. At the present stage, things are fine between them.

Interesting facts

  1. Irina Gorbachev very selectively approaches the choice of roles. She tries her best to play in different films so as not to become an actress of the same role.
  2. The artist believes in the existence of intuition.
  3. Irina does not believe that appropriate education is needed to become a professional actress.
  4. Irina Gorbacheva has a spiritual teacher.
  5. The actress likes to experiment with her hair. She wore dreadlocks, and then at all promised to shave nalyso.
  6. Irina’s Gorbachev has Instagram. She often puts out clips and shots, pleasing her fans.

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