Actress Irina Antonenko: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

Antonenko Irina Igorevna is a famous domestic actress. Performs a variety of roles than the presence of acting proves. It was not uncommon to play key characters. Filmography of the girl has more than 20 projects. He continues to be active in various projects and at the present stage.

A short biography


Irin Antonenko was born on September 1, 1991. There was this event in Yekaterinburg in a family that is not connected with cinema or creativity. Father is a military man. Mom toils in the police. Only grandma was associated with cinema. Irina is not the only child in the family. She has a brother.

Actress Iryna Antonenko from childhood began to be drawn to creativity, to show artistry. A girl was trained in cadet class. In parallel with her education, she tried to build a career in the modeling field. I thought about cinema too.

The first attempt to break into the model sphere was unsuccessful. While studying at school, the girl decided to participate in a beauty contest. But I couldn’t get to the final. But the actress has always been tenacious. She decided to become a model against everything.

After receiving her certificate, she decided to enter a financial institute. That’s what the parents insisted on. And it was during her training that her modeling career began. The girl signed a contract with Ilya Vinogradov’s agency.

Irina Antonenko’s modeling career

For several years, the girl achieved high heights in modeling career. At the first time she participated only in those competitions held in Yekaterinburg. Almost always won. The girl also starred in commercials and regularly participated in photo shoots.

Having received the title “Miss Yekaterinburg”, actress Irina Antonenko decided to participate in the all-Russian competition. To conquer the capital the girl went in a few months. And almost immediately won another title. Antonenko Irina Igorevna became Russia’s most beautiful girl.

This achievement opened new doors in the model sphere. About Irina was learned in other countries. The girl began to receive contracts from famous fashion houses. A contract was made with fashion designer Philip Plain.

In 2010, she took part in the Miss Universe pageant. I couldn’t win, but I was among the finalists.

Creative biography

Irina Antonenko after success in the model sphere wanted to try her hand at cinema. She wouldn’t ask for roles from directors. I decided that it was necessary to get an appropriate education to begin with. She trained acting at GITIS.

“ Kinoprobes” is the first project in Irina Antonenko’s filmography. She starred in one of the 12 shorts. But it didn’t bring her popularity.

The first fame came due to director Timur Bekmambetov. He filmed the Russian-American Phantom Project. One of the roles got our heroine. Along with her, artists such as Gosha Kutsenko, Yuel Kinnaman, Artur Smolyaninov and Olivia Thirlby worked on set.

After filming under the direction of Timur Bekmambetov, films with Irina Antonenko began to come to screens regularly. Recognize the girl became thanks to the multi-series project “Ship”. Dmitry Pevtsov, Roman Kurtsyn and Yulia Agafonova worked on the creation of the painting together with our heroine. The girl starred the next season as well.

It is worth highlighting such films with Irina Antonenko, as “Elastiko”, “Hornet’s Nest”, “Dad”, “Girlfriends”, “Break off”, “Santa Claus. Battle of the Magicians”, “Blood Revenge”. But the most successful in Irina Antonenko’s filmography was the Magomayev tape. Our heroine appeared in the image of Tamara Sinyavskaya. Miloš Biković and Svetlana Ustinova worked on the site with her.

Soon the film “Friend for Sale” will be released on the screens. Irina was given a role in this project.

Irina Antonenko performed

other successes

not only in movies. She proved herself on the best side on stage. She played in several productions. She worked at the Theatr. Vsevolod Meyerhold.

There was a place for TV show in the list of achievements. Irina was a presenter on Yu TV. It was possible to see her in the TV program “In the subject”. The girl then worked on the channel “TNT”. She was the host of the Agents 003 project. Her colleagues included actress Janina Studilina and Julia Franz.

Outside the set

How are things in Irina Antonenko’s personal life? The girl was married. Her spouse became entrepreneur Vyacheslav Fedotov. The wedding took place in 2011.

Irina Antonenko met her future husband while participating in the TV program “Dancing with the Stars”. But the first meeting had no effect on their relationship. Vyacheslav to Irina treated quite skeptically. But then they met again. It turned out that Irina Antonenko and Vyacheslav Fedotov are engaged in one sports center. First came friendly feelings, which grew into serious relationships.

However, the entrepreneur was not long the husband of Irina Antonenko. In 2014, for unknown reasons, the relationship broke down. Journalists spread rumors that the reason for this was the career, which Irina didn’t want to refuse. But the actress herself would not confirm this information.

There was an affair with Stanislav Bondarenko. But that relationship fell apart quite quickly. At the present stage, little is known about Irina Antonenko’s personal life. The girl tries not to talk to anyone on the subject.

Interesting facts

  1. Actress Irina Antonenko lives in America. She moved to this country completely by accident. The girl went to visit friends. But she really enjoyed living in the US, so she immediately moved from Russia. At the moment she lives in Los Angeles.
  2. Irina leads a sporting lifestyle. Its figure keeps in perfect condition thanks to regular training and proper nutrition.
  3. The actress dreamed of attending music school as a child. After filming in a film, “Magomayev” decided to fulfill her dream. At the present stage, she plans to record her first song.
  4. Antonenko Irina Igorevna plans to star in foreign films. At the moment she has connections: she gets acquainted with actors, goes to different creative activities, teaches English.
  5. Irina spent her prize from participation in the modeling competition, buying an apartment in Yekaterinburg.

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