Actress Ingrid Olerinsky: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Ingrid Olerinska doesn’t have an appropriate education. However, her colleagues on set repeatedly highlighted the acting talent that the girl has no doubt. According to Nikita Efremov, Ingrid is doing everything right. Intuition helps her in this. Plus, the actress isn’t afraid to approach with questions to more stellar actors.

A short biography

Olerinskaya Ingrid was born in 1992, March 14. There was this event in Ryazan. But almost immediately after the birth of the girl, parents decided to move to Nizhny Novgorod. This is where the children’s years of the popular actress passed. Ingrid isn’t the only child in the family. She has a brother and a sister.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the family lived for 6 years. But then they moved to Moscow. By this time, the parents had managed to divorce. Parenting of children was engaged by mother Tamara Olerinskaya. In the capital of Russia, Ingrid was educated at the lyceum at the international university. At the insistence of my mother attended preparatory courses at Moscow State University. Tamara Olerinskaya wanted her daughter to become a journalist. But I don’t wait.

Ingrid entered the Pedagogical Institute. But I didn’t want to become a teacher. In Ingrid Olerinska’s biography everything changed thanks to a random combination of circumstances. On the street, she met a casting director who was looking for actresses. That’s exactly how Ingrid got on set.

The creative biography


Ingrid Olerinskaya on set was still during training. She was seen by the casting director and invited her to trial. Thanks to a successful combination of circumstances, the girl got the role of the main character in the film “Inadequate People”. This tape instantly made the girl a famous and sought-after actress.

Ingrid Olerinskaya worked with such famous actors as Ilya Lyubimov, Yulia Takshina and Yevgeny Tsyganov on set.

Following came such films with Ingrid Olerinskaya, as “Moscow. Three stations” and “Vdrebezgi”. In both paintings, the girl was given minor roles. Ingrid Olerinsky’s next project in filmography is “Laughter and Sin”. In front of the audience appeared in the image of a sweetheart elderly lovelas.

The actress’s popularity was boosted by projects such as “Ticket to Vegas” and “The Ship”. In the first picture, the girl appeared in front of her fans in the image of the main character Lisa. Together with her, Vladimir Yaglych, Ivan Stebunov and Mikhail Galustyan worked in the creation of the ribbon. In the second painting, Ingrid appeared in the image of Irina Zyablikova.

One of the most successful projects in filmography by Ingrid Olerinskaya is “Londongrad. Know ours.” Her set partner was Nikita Efremov.

Ingrid Olerinska received leading roles in projects such as “Breaking the Rules”, “Stationery Rat”, “Breaking”, “Breaking”, “Breaking”. These paintings proved less popular, but the girl perfectly coped with the tasks set.

In the filmography of Ingrid Olerinska it is worth highlighting such paintings as “You all hate me!” , “Water”, “Captain of Metro Police”, “Elephant”, “I remember — I don’t remember!” , “Ricochet”. Soon, the second part of the popular motion picture “Inadequate People” will be released on screens. Ingrid was given the role of lead heroine.

Outside the set

How are things in Ingrid Olerinsky’s personal life? On this topic, the girl tries not to talk to journalists. It is known that she was in a relationship with Sergei Chugin. The acquaintance occurred during filming in the film “Bobruisk Dakar”. But the relationship lasted only a few years

Attributed to Ingrid novels with fellow set members. But the actress denied rumors of a relationship with Ivan Stebunov, and an affair with Nikita Efremov. At the present stage, the girl has a choice. But she’s hiding his name.

Interesting facts

  1. Popular actress parents named after Ingrid Bergman.
  2. At the Pedagogical Institute, actress Ingrid Olerinskaya did not study. She quarreled with an English teacher and took away the paperwork. Therefore, the girl has no education at all. In her interview, Ingrid once said she might take acting courses.
  3. Ingrid leads a healthy lifestyle. She goes to the gym regularly. I attended boxing classes, but for the sake of filming, I had to abandon them.
  4. The first serious relationship proved toxic. To get out of them, Ingrid sought help from psychologists.
  5. Ingrid Olerinskaya’s filmography has more than 20 projects.
  6. Ingrid Olerinsky is a self-sufficient girl. She grew up with the idea that in this life one can only hope for oneself.
  7. Ingrid Olerina has Instagram. She regularly posts a wide variety of photos.

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