Actress Anastasia Akatova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Anastasia Akatova came to light in a small town called Rybinsk. There was this event in 1992, on February 16. From a very young age, the girl began to show a craving for creativity. It didn’t go unnoticed for her parents.

Short biography

Actress Anastasia Akatova attended dance studio in parallel with her schooling at school. She opted for sports ballroom dancing. The girl tried very hard at rehearsals, often stayed after classes and trained.

Thanks to tremendous willpower and commitment, Anastasia managed to prove herself. She regularly went to competitions and competitions, and took prizes. Even in European countries performed. And such a life of the girl completely satisfied.

Changes in the biography of actress Anastasia Akatova happened quite by accident. She was offered a role in a minor episode in the miniseries project. At that point, the girl was only 14 years old. Anastasia agreed. After filming ended, she firmly decided to become an actress

Anastasia went to Moscow and joined VGIK at the first attempt. Acting education was received under the guidance of an experienced mentor Solovyov.

Success in cinematography

The first project in the filmography of actress Anastasia Akatova is “Detectives”. The girl got the role in a small episode. Over the next few years, the artist starred exclusively in shorts.

She received her first star role in the motion picture “Closed School”. Actress Nastya Akatova appeared in the image of Zhenya Savelyeva. This movie tape made our heroine famous.

After receiving her diploma, Anastasia began to star regularly in new projects. In a few months she managed to work on creating 9 paintings at once. Films with Anastasia Akatova, such as “Where there is happiness for me”, “How to breed a millionaire”, “Time to collect” came to the screens.

In the filmography of actress Anastasia Akatova it is worth highlighting such projects as “Locust”, “Moon”, “Blind Date”, “Ricochet”, “Bugs”, “Consultant”. A motion picture of “I’m Not Yours” will soon be released on screens. Anastasia will appear before the audience in the image of Pauline.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actress Anastasia Akatova? On this subject, the girl doesn’t like to talk to journalists. For a long time there were rumors of an affair with Igor Yurtayev. With the actor, they co-starred in the film project “Closed School”. But if the affair was, long it didn’t last.

Nothing is known more about actress Anastasia Akatova’s personal life. She devotes all her time to work on the set.

Interesting facts

  1. There are actress Anastasia Akatova Instagram. She often puts out a variety of shots from work and rest. The girl doesn’t have a lot of subscribers. But the numbers are growing by the day.
  2. Nastya Akatova sets ambitious goals. She plans to become a Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Also dreaming of “Nick”.
  3. For the

  4. sake of a role in a good TV project Anastasia is ready even to shave if the director demands it.
  5. Anastasia feared escalators when she first arrived in Moscow. One time she even fell. But she was caught in time. Thanks to this, the girl got off only a slight fright.
  6. One day, Anastasia for the role tried to lose weight. But she ended up driving herself to exhaustion. The girl just stopped eating, deciding that it is the easiest way to achieve the desired result. It took months to recover.
  7. Nastya Akatova leads a healthy lifestyle. They regularly visit the gym and stick to proper nutrition.

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