Actress Aisa Gonzalez: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Aisa Gonzalez became famous when she turned 16. She got a role in the miniseries project “Lola. Long time ago.” In Hollywood she managed to prove herself on the best side, perfectly winning the role in the miniseries film “From Dusk to Dawn”. From that moment regularly receives new invitations from eminent directors.

A short biography of Eisa González


birthplace of the popular actress is Mexico It came to light in a small town called Kaborca. This event occurred on 30 January 1990. Neither father nor mom were involved with movies.

When the girl turned 12, there was a tragedy in the family — the father died, getting into a car accident. Bringing up the girl was engaged by mother Glenda Raine, who was building a career in the modeling field.

The death of the father had a negative impact on the girl. She became depressed, confined herself, which adversely affected her learning and appearance. It’s all about Ace becoming a lot of eating. Because of that, she recovered very badly. It took 3 years to get the psychological state back to normal.

The town where actress Eisa González was born was on the border with America. There were many schools in Kabork, with emphasis on the study of foreign languages. Aisa was educated at one such institution. After graduation, she entered a theater studio. By this point, she spoke English perfectly. I knew little Italian.

Three years after beginning his training in a theater studio, there was a change in Eisa González’s biography. She traveled to America, where she enrolled at Lee Strasberg Academy. After a few years, having honed her skill, she returned to Mexico and continued to star in miniseries projects. However then made the decision to move to the United States.

Films with Eisa González

The first project in filmography is “Lola. Long time ago.” In the miniseries picture got the role when she turned 16. This tape made the girl famous in Mexico. Appeared to the audience in the image of the main character. Even stronger popularity gained thanks to tours around the country.

After playing several more roles, Aisa Gonzalez was invited to Hollywood. She received a role in the television series “From Dusk to Dawn”. In front of the audience appeared in the image of the vampire Santanico. Through this role, Aisa González instantly became famous.

The project “Kid on Drive” was a success. Our heroine got the role of Darling. Along with her, stars such as Jamie Foxx, Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey worked on set. Her role was given thanks to Rodriguez, with whom she worked to create the television series “From Dusk to Dawn”. It was he who advised the director of the motion picture “Kid on the Drive” to take the actress into one of the minor roles.

It should be highlighted such films with Eisa González as “Alita. Battle Angel”, “Hobbs and Shaw”, and “Bladshot”. In the latter picture, she played an important character. Stars such as Vin Diesel and Guy Pearce worked alongside her on set.

Aisa Gonzalez’s filmography will soon be replenished with projects such as “City of Thugs,” “I Don’t Care,” “Sirens of Gotham City” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

In addition to filming in movies, Aisa is also a singer. She performed independently all the compositions in the motion picture “Lola. Long time ago.” The actress has already released several music albums and is not going to stop there.

Outside the set

How are things going in Aisa Gonzalez’s personal life? Journalists consistently attribute novels with fellow set members to the spectacular actress. In 2010, information emerged that Aisa was dating Alejandro Fernández. The popularity of these rumors increased when it was revealed that the singer was 20 years older than the actress. But no one confirmed that information.

There have been novels with entrepreneur Pepe Diaz and actor Liam Hemsworth. But that relationship didn’t last too long. So do novels with entertainer and performer Sebastian Rulli and famous sportsman Cristiano Ronaldo.

A relationship with fellow set member D.J. Cotrona turned out to be more lasting. Together, they starred in the motion picture “From Dusk to Dawn”. The novel lasted several years and ended.

What is going on in Aisa Gonzalez’s personal life at the present stage? In 2018, the girl met actor Josh Duhamel. But that relationship lasted only a few months, too. Apparently a big age difference was affected.

Rumours have been circulating recently about an affair between Aisa Gonzalez and Luke Bracey. The occasion for their appearance was joint Instagram photos.

Interesting facts

  1. In his free time, Aisa Gonzalez visits the gym.
  2. Eisa Gonzalez Reyna is the full name of a popular actress.
  3. The actress has an older brother.
  4. In the famous series “From Dusk to Dawn” she performed the role of a vampire, in the image of which Salma Hayek appeared in a full-length cult project.
  5. In the motion picture “Alita. Fighting Angel” our heroine is very difficult to learn. She appeared in the image of Nissiana’s work. Grilled the girl qualitatively.
  6. The

  7. filmography of Eisa González has about 20 projects.

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