Actress Aglaia Tarasova: creative biography and career progress

Our heroine has a double name — Darya-Aglaya. But the actress decided at the very beginning of her creative journey to use the second part of the name as a pseudonym.

A short biography


Tarasov Aglai Viktorovn appeared in 1994. There was this event on 18 April in the Northern Capital. Her mom is famous actress Ksenia Rappoport. The father is entrepreneur Viktor Tarasov.

The parents’ union didn’t last long. A few years after the birth of their daughter, they decided to break up. But Victor at the same time did not stop communicating with Aglaey-Darya.

Actress Aglaia Tarasova stressed more than once in her interviews that she was always curious. She wanted to try everything she could. Therefore, in her younger years she was trained to play musical instruments, played tennis and attended dance school. There was also a place to learn foreign languages in an extensive list of hobbies.

But the actress the girl didn’t plan to become. Aglaia has been to theaters more than once, visited film sets. An actress in her youth even Brad Pitt with George Clooney saw. But all this was not interesting to her as a child. Aglaia planned to link her life to politics, to follow in her father’s footsteps. She even joined the faculty appropriate.

In cinematographer Aglaya Viktorovna Tarasova got quite by accident. Xenia starred in the new film. She worked in Tallinn. And she needed help from Aglai, because she had to look after Sofia, the second daughter of a popular actress.

So Aglaia would come to Tallinn and sit with her five-month-old sister. And it was at this time that she was offered an occasional role. An enraged Aglaia agreed. After several views, her role increased. For several months, the girl practically lived on the bus Tallinn — St. Petersburg. She also participated in filming and tried not to miss her studies.

Then there were new proposals. As a result, Aglaia never studied at the institute. She decided to pay all the attention to filming in movies.

Career in cinema

To achieve popularity among actress Aglai Tarasova turned out even in the absence of theatrical education. The girl planned to go to school, but she couldn’t do it due to permanent employment.

The first project in the filmography of Aglai Tarasova is the film “After School”. Her mother Ksenia Rappoport also starred in this tape together with our heroine. Aglai’s role received minor.

Then there was work on creating a motion picture, “Major Sokolov’s Geters”. It was during filming in this project that Aglaia finally realized that she would not be able to finish her training for a political scientist. She retired from the institute. And that decision became the right one.

The next project in Aglai Tarasova’s filmography was a breakthrough in his career. The girl appeared in the image of Sofya Kalinina in the film “Interns”. Almost immediately after the first series came out, she woke up famous.

“ Ice” is another landmark film in the actress’s career. Along with her, stars such as Alexander Petrov, Milos Bikovich and Maria Aronova glittered on set. Got Aglaia the role of the main character. She appeared before the audience and in the second part of the film. This time, however, her role was not significant.

In the filmography of Aglai Tarasova it is worth highlighting such projects as “Tanks”, “Shards”, “Foundling”, “Marathon of Wishes”, “Golden Ring”. At the present stage, the girl continues to actively shoot at once in several films, which will be released on screens in the near future.

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