Actor Sergey Peregudov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

At the first time Peregudov Sergey Viktorovich was confused with other actors. He was most often called Pavel Derevyanko and Kirill Pletnev. But our hero wasn’t offended. He took comparisons to talented actors for praise. Through the motion picture “Adjutants of Love” he became famous.

Brief biography

Actor Sergey Peregudov was born in a Siberian town called Nadym. There was this event on October 8, 1981 in a family that has nothing to do with cinema or creativity. And the guy himself didn’t want to become an actor.

After receiving his certificate, Sergey Viktorovich Peregudov entered the humanitarian institute. To do this, he had to move to Volzhsky. He received education at the Faculty of Economics. But subsequently in Sergei Peregudov’s biography there were changes. He began to perform on stage. And he really enjoyed the acting.

After completing his first year, Sergei picked up his documents and left for St. Petersburg, where he entered a theater school. The parents didn’t say a word about it. The future actor was mentored by Vladislav Pazi. Of course, subsequently Sergey informed his father and mother about changes in his life. But approval on their part only got after the first roles.

Successes in career

Becoming a professional actor, Sergey Peregudov got a job in the theater named after M. Lensovet. He played in several dozen performances throughout his career. Most of his roles became vivid and memorable. He has received a variety of awards numerous times. There was a place in the collection for the Golden Soffit.

“ Russian Ark” is the first project in the filmography of actor Sergei Peregudov. He starred in this picture while studying. Then got the role of an episodic character in the motion picture “Slaughter Power”. Appeared to the audience in season 5 in the image of a guard.

The first fame came when Sergei Peregudov’s filmography was replenished with the film “Adjutants of Love”. Played the role of Prince Constantine. But Sergey himself highlights the work on the creation of the film “The Princess and the Beggar”. Along with him Andrey Krasko worked on the set.

Initially, Sergei did not want to star in miniseries projects. Because of this, he turned down an offer of work to create the painting “Tatianin Day”. However, later views changed. He ended up starring in projects such as “The Mentow Wars” and “Special Forces Agent”. All these projects in the filmography of actor Sergei Peregudov became successful.

Sergei had to constantly get new skills. For the sake of a role in the motion picture “The Last Encounter”, he learned horseback riding, Spanish and parkour. He also had to take tango lessons.

The popularity of the talented actor increased several times after the release of projects such as “Where Love Lives”, “Vepr”, “Sonka Golden Pen”, “Seven Cabins” and “Podsadnaya”.

Filmography of actor Alexey Peregudov has more than 70 projects. To highlight is such paintings as “Chain”, “I cancel death”, “Crime and punishment”, “New Year’s wife”, “Perfect marriage”, “My last name Shilov”, “Single under contract”, “Father’s coast”, “Playing with fire”,” Salvation Union.”

Outside the set

How are things in Sergei Peregudov’s personal life? Journalists consistently attribute novels to him with colleagues on the set. For a long time, he was suspected of having a relationship with Anastasia Mikulchina. Then there were rumors of an affair with Tatiana Arntholtz. But Sergey himself did not comment on this information.

And here he confirmed the relationship with Anna Kovalchuk. However, it didn’t come to the wedding. The actors decided to part ways for unknown reasons. But they managed to maintain friendships.

At the present stage, the personal life of actor Sergei Peregudov is a mystery. It is known that he has no wife or children. He decided to pay all the attention to career.

Interesting facts

  1. Sergey Peregudov for the sake of role is ready for almost everything. He agrees to clump and star in erotic scenes if warranted. However, in the interviews repeatedly reported that never and for any money will not lie in a coffin.
  2. Sergei was often confused with Kirill Pletnev and Pavel Derevyanko. One day, the three of them were called for a casting in a film picture, “Thunderbolts. House of Hope.” And they all got their roles.
  3. Actor Sergei Peregudov has an older brother, whose name is Evgeny.
  4. Peregudov Sergey Viktorovich leads a healthy lifestyle. He is passionate about Vietnamese wrestling and regularly rides his bike. In his spare time, he often visits ski resorts.
  5. Sergey Peregudov has Instagram. He often posts shots from work and rest.
  6. Sergey is fond of mountaineering. He’s already visited Mount Elbrus. Dreams of visiting Jomolungma.

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