Actor Sebastian Stan: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actor Sebastian Stan gained world fame instantly after his role as Winter Soldier. He played this character in several more comic book based projects. Plans to continue to star in the image of Bucky Barnes.

A short biography


Actor Sebastian Stan appeared on August 13. There was this event in 1982 in the city of Constanta. It is Romania’s largest seaport. When the guy was 8 years old, his mom was invited to work in Vienna. The woman was a professional pianist. She agreed. In Austria, the future actor lived for several years.

When he was 12, his parents decided to divorce. Mom almost immediately married. After this event, a move to America took place. Sebastian’s stepfather worked at a private school in New York City.

Trained at his stepfather’s institution, Sebastian regularly took part in a variety of creative activities. He took to the stage, played in plays, attended acting courses.

After graduation, he enrolled at Rutgers University. Then there was an internship at the Globe Theatre in London.

Creative biography

Actor Sebastian Stan first hit the set in 2004. He got a role in the motion picture “Tony and Tina’s Wedding”. He then worked to create the motion picture “Red Doors”, with Mila Kunis playing the lead role. Sebastian did not become popular after the release of projects on screens. But got invaluable experience.

Over the following few years, actor Sebastian Stan’s filmography was regularly supplemented with new projects. But he was predominantly filmed in episodes. For example, appeared as one of the guys the heroines Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman were introduced to at a bar in the movie picture “Black Swan.”

The first fame came due to the film “The First Avenger”. Sebastian was given the role of a minor character. Appeared in the image of best friend Steve Rogers, whose image was embodied by Chris Evans. Popularity skyrocketed after the release of In the motion picture “The First Avenger. Another War” Sebastian Stan played Bucky Barnes again. But before the audience he appeared already as a villain.

The actor subsequently starred in the third Captain America adventure film, and also appeared in the final two parts of “The Avengers”. In the near future, a series will be aired, in which the main characters will be Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (Anthony Maki).

Actor Sebastian Stan’s filmography has more than 40 projects. It is worth highlighting such paintings with his participation as “Apparition”, “Once Upon a Tale”, “The Martian”, “Ricky and the Flash”, “Logan’s Luck”, “Tonya Against All”, “Time of Retribution”, “Desperate Move”.

He continues to work actively on the set actor and at the present stage. Soon, films with Sebastian Stan, such as “What If?..” will be released on the screens. , “Devil Forever” and “Falcon and Winter Soldier”.

Outside the set

How are things going in actor Sebastian Stan’s personal life? It was in a relationship with actress Leighton Meester. They met while creating the TV project “Gossip Girl”. The relationship did not last long. After 2 years, fans learned about the break-up.

Subsequently, there were rumours of novels starring Ashley Green, Jennifer Morrison and Deanna Agron. Sebastian was often credited with relationships with fellow set members.

Three years lasted a relationship with actress Margarita Levieva. Journalists have already started calling the girl Sebastian’s wife. However, soon after, the actors claimed a break-up.

At the present stage, little is known about actor Sebastian Stan’s personal life. He has stated more than once that a career for him comes first. And not thinking about serious relationships, children and family yet.

Interesting facts

  1. To reliably play his hero in films based on comics, actor Sebastian Stan began to attend the gym, began studying martial arts and choreography. He responsibly approached the task set by the director.
  2. Sebastian Stan has Instagram. He regularly posts a wide variety of photos. The number of its subscribers is constantly growing.
  3. During his training, actor Sebastian Stan worked as a doorman at the cinema.
  4. The actor often attended auditions. But in most cases, he wasn’t doing it to get the role. He wanted to be remembered by the directors, “adept”. As a result, Sebastian starred in a huge number of films. At the same time he received a variety of roles. There are no same types of characters in his filmography.
  5. Before filming, Sebastian Stan regularly meditates and listens to relaxing music. And before audition, he’s sure to smoke a cigarette. In this case, the butt ejects only when it receives either a waiver or an invitation to shoot.
  6. Sebastian Stan loves watching cartoons.

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