Actor Pyotr Fedorov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actor Fedorov Pyotr is a star of domestic cinema. His name is known not only to fans, but also to ordinary viewers. The charismatic man is constantly filmed in large-scale projects.

A short biography


Actor Fedorov Pyotr appeared on April 21. There was this event in 1982 in Moscow. He was not the only child in the family. Peter has a sister.

Peter was born into a family that was associated with cinema. His father is a famous domestic artist, who was also called Peter. Popular thanks to the painting “Zvezepad”. The grandfather of our hero was associated with cinema. He is the Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny Fedorov.

The parents divorced when the guy was quite still small. Peter’s education began to be engaged in mother. She and her son moved to Altai. They lived in a small village. When Peter turned 14, his mother made the decision to return to Moscow.

In his youth, the guy was fond of drawing. He was even going to go to art school. However, there were tragic changes in Pyotr Fedorov’s biography. When the guy was in grade 11, his father died from oncology. In his memory, he decided to link his life to cinema.

Actor Pyotr Fedorov at the first attempt entered Shchukinsky school. The guy’s mentor was Rodion Ovchinnikov.

A brief filmography

Actor Pyotr Fedorov started acting in films in his student years. He got a role in the motion picture “DMB”. The audience appeared in the image of a draftee. A more significant role played in the film project “101st kilometer”.

After becoming a professional actor, Pyotr Fedorov got a job in the theater named after. Stanislavsky. In parallel with the performances on stage he was filmed in a variety of pictures. But they didn’t bring him a special popularity.

The first fame came due to the TV project “Club”. In front of the audience our hero appeared in the image of Major Danila. However, it became really popular when filmography was replenished with film film “Stalingrad”. He played the role of a key character – Captain Gromov.

Such films with Pyotr Fedorov as “Pure Art” and “Locust” became successful.

Pyotr Fedorov regularly starred in new projects. It is worth highlighting such films with his participation as “Duelant”, “Icebreaker”, “Edge of the World”, “Inhabitable Island”, “Christmas trees 2”, “Phantom”, “Moms”, “Christmas trees 3”, “And the zors here are quiet”, “Homeland”, “Christmas trees last”, “Outpost”.

“ Sputnik” is an extreme work in the filmography of actor Pyotr Fedorov. At the present stage, he is working on the creation of the film “Dyatlov’s Pass”.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Pyotr Fedorov? A talented man is in no hurry to marry. Besides, he doesn’t like to talk to journalists on the subject. But rumors of his novels appear regularly.

Journalists called Pyotr Fedorov’s civil wife a girl named Anastasia. She’s a model. The relationship lasted more than 12 years. The break-up became known in 2017.

A few months later, information about the new novel appeared in the press. Journalists began to suspect that Pyotr Fedorov is in a relationship with Anna Sokolova. The reason for the rumour was the joint photographs.

Interesting facts

  1. Pyotr Fedorov tried himself as a screenwriter. He didn’t make it. According to his script, the project “Russia 88” was filmed, because of which the actor was sued.
  2. A talented man is not just in films. He also voices foreign paintings.
  3. Pyotr Fedorov’s cousin is Alexander Viktorovich Zbruev.
  4. As a child, Peter often stole apples from neighbors. This happened while living on Altai.
  5. The actor receives a huge amount of offers daily. But he refuses to star in most projects. Mostly because of a bad script.
  6. Filmography of actor Pyotr Fedorov has more than 70 projects.

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