Actor Maxim Matveev: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actor Maxim Matveev has a spectacular appearance. It’s almost impossible to mix with any other entertainer. Despite his youth, the man has already managed to star in a huge number of projects. Many have become successful. All the characters played by the actor are radically different. There are no same roles in the filmography of Maxim Matveev.

Brief biography

Actor Maxim Matveev was born on July 28. There was this event in 1982 in a town called Light. Maxim never saw his father. The parents decided to divorce when the guy was still young. Up to 10 years the child was raised by the grandfather. And then his stepfather Alexey appeared in his life.

In 1992, the family moved to Saratov. In this city, Maxim’s mom gave birth to her second child.

Neither mom nor stepfather were involved with movies. The woman worked as a philologist and the man was a military man. Nor did Maxim plan to become an actor. At first, he wanted to build a career in medicine. Planned to become a surgeon. Then there was another dream. Maxima was interested in fencing. He even thought about becoming an athlete. But still opted for cinematography.

Back in his school years, Maxim often attended art school. He developed his acting talent. But still I didn’t think of cinema. And if it weren’t for a random combination of circumstances, he might not have become an actor.

The guy regularly took part in school activities. And during one of the performances he was noticed by theatre teacher Vladimir Smirnov. It was he who advised the talented guy to go to theater school.

Maxim heeded the advice. After receiving his certificate, he immediately entered a theatre school. After receiving his diploma, he decided not to stop there and continue his studies. The talented guy went to Moscow. On the first attempt he was able to enter MHAT. In parallel with the training he began to perform on stage.

A brief filmography

Actor Maxim Matveev after finishing the theater studio immediately got a job in the Chekhov Theatre. Over a few years, he played in several dozen performances. Got a variety of roles. Maxim approached the work responsibly. He once had to drop 20 kg to reliably play his hero in a production of “Kynaston”.

The first project in the filmography of Maxim Matveev is the film “Tisky”. Our hero immediately got the lead. Played a guy named Denis. The first fame to Maxim came after the release of the film “Tariff New Year”. Appeared to the audience in the image of the lead character. Along with him, actors such as Valeria Lanskaya, Roman Polyansky and Mark Bogatyrev worked on set.

With each next project, Maxim Matveev’s popularity only grew. He has played in such pictures as “Styliagi”, “Thank You for Love”, “The Exchange Wedding”, “On the Hook”, “Loves Doesn’t Love”, “Anna Karenina”, “Matilda”, “Trotsky”, “Sonnentau”, “Salvation Union”, “Trigger”.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Maxim Matveev? A talented man sees no point in hiding this sphere of his life from fans. He was married several times.

Maxim Matveev’s first wife is actress Jana Sexte. The relationship didn’t last long. Separated a few months after the wedding, but managed to maintain a good relationship.

Maxim Matveev’s second wife is actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The wedding took place in 2010. After 2 years, a child was born. The son was named by the happy parents Andrew. In 2018, his second child was born. The son was named Gregory.

Very often in the press there is information that actors will soon break up. But Elizabeth and Maxim regularly deny such rumors.

Interesting facts

  1. Filmography of actor Maxim Matveev has more than 50 projects.
  2. Maxim never got occasional roles.
  3. Maxim Matveev has Instagram. The actor regularly posts a wide variety of shots, pleasing numerous fans.
  4. Until 10th grade Maxim studied perfectly. Was a diligent student. But it became informal in high school. Wore long hair, constantly walked in a roe dry, often conflicted with other teenagers.
  5. Maxim tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. He visits the gym regularly. If there is no opportunity, engaged at home.
  6. Relations with Mikhail Boyarsky at Maxim are not easy. On the subject, he tries not to talk to reporters.

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