Actor Matthew Reese: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Also some of his most famous roles are as follows: he played Kevin Walker in the television series “Brothers and Sisters” (2006—2011), Dylan Thomas in “The Fringe of Love” (2008), Daniel Ellsberg in “The Post” (2017) and starred with Tom Hanks in “A Beautiful Day Next Door” (2019).

A biography


Matthew Rees was born in Cardiff in 1974 into a Welsh family. He spent his entire childhood in Wells, attending national schools, where he was taught in Welsh. He studied Reese very well, and was awarded a Patricia Rothermere Fellowship in 1993.

While still in school, Matthew began playing amateur plays. The most important role that encouraged him to go along the acting path was that of Elvis Presley in the school musical. After this performance, he realized that he wanted to become an actor.

Therefore, upon graduating, Reese submitted papers to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and was admitted to it without conditions. Incidentally, his older sister Rachel was educated at the same academy, she now works as a journalist for the BBC.

Matthew began to star in TV series in the student years: these were small roles in the projects “Colombo” (1968-2003”, “Theatre masterpieces” (1971-…), “House of Amerika (1997). He also went to his home country to play in his native language in the Welsh film “Being Brave”. For this work he was awarded the title of best actor in Bafta Cymru (Welsh BAFTA).


Reese’s acting life began quite interesting and unusual: in 1998 he went to shoot in New Zealand to star in a colonial costume drama for television” Greenstone”. For a young actor, it was a magnificent experience of teamwork and filming in open terrain. There were a lot of difficulties, but nothing tempers the actor like difficulties at the very beginning of your career, when you haven’t yet decided whether you need that profession.

Matthew coped with all the difficulties, he was noticed and appreciated by professionals from film, and in 1999 he had already received the role of Demetrius in the painting “Tit-Ruler of Rome” (1999). Here, he also received great lessons in acting and on-set interaction from celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange — they played lead roles.

Since then, his career has quickly gone uphill: every year he received offers from several directors and was often is involved in several projects at the same time. To date, his filmography has more than fifty films, and very many of the paintings on this list have become popular and beloved by audiences around the world.


best films in Reese’s portfolio are the paintings “Colombo Likes Nightlife” (2003), “The Scapegoat” (2012), “The Kidnapping Club” (2002), “The Lost World” (2001) and “Titus is the Ruler of Rome” (1999) . Top TV series: “Horse BoJack” (2014-…), “Archer” (2009), “Brothers and Sisters” (2006), and “The Americans” (2006-2011). In the last two series, Reese was also a director. As a director he created the video “Goode Fellowes”.

Also, Reese has experience producing films, which he is going to repeat, and he is also engaged in editing and voicing some paintings. So it can be said that in the field of the film industry, Matthew Rees has become a true all-rounder

Two thousand years have become the most creative and filled work for the actor. In 2000, he played the lead role in the drama series “Metropolis”. This series describes the lives of people who are imprisoned within a huge city. Everyone has their own problems, joys and sorrows. In these people, the audience recognized themselves, so the series was very popular.

During this period he also worked in theatre, where he managed to get famous English actors as partners. And in movies he was lucky with partners — they were Brittany Murphy, Hayden Christensen, Tim Roth, Mischa Barton and others.

During his acting life, Reese starred in Ireland, in Czechoslovakia, New Zealand. And after getting the role of lawyer Kevin Walker on the ABC show “Brothers and Sisters,” the actor moved to Santa Monica. The show was a great success and endured as many as five seasons, graduating in 2011.

Reese is particularly well done on the roles of historical characters, and in 2012 he appeared in a dramatic adaptation of Charles Dickens’s latest novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, left unfinished after his death in 1870.

In 2012, Reese repeated the dual role in Daphne du Mourier’s new film adaptation of “Scapegoat”. In the same year, Reese was cast as Jimmy in “The Broadway Theatre”, in John Osborne’s play “Look around in Anger”, and in various plays at the Laura Pels Theatre, the Harold Theatre and the Miriam Steinberg Theatre.

At times the actor had to combine theatre and cinema, managing to play interesting roles both there and there. So, in 2013, Reese starred in the television adaptation of P. D. James’s novel “Death Comes to Pemberley” as Jane Austen’s hero Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Personal life

With his future wife Reese met on the filming of the TV series “The Americans”. His shooting partner was Kerry Russell — a beautiful and talented actress. Reese and Russell played spouses who were secret KGB agents in this series.

After filming, they became a real husband and wife. In 2016, they had a son. Matthew and Kerry continue to star, they have a lot of film work in their plans.

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