Actor Konstantin Beloshapka: biography, filmography, personal life

Biography of actor Konstantin Beloshapka is interesting not only to fans. He managed to prove himself perfectly both in multi-series projects and on the theatre stage. Over the course of his career, the talented guy played a lot of bright roles.

A short biography


Actor Konstantin Beloshapka came to light in 1992, May 26. There was this event in the capital of Russia in the family of teachers. My father works at Moscow State University, my mother teaches math. Our hero is not the only child. He has a brother and 3 sisters. In Konstantin Beloshapka’s family, no one was associated with cinema, but this did not stop him from becoming an actor.

From a very young age Constantine unlike his sisters and brother knew exactly that he would not work as a teacher. He planned to link his life to film and theatre. Therefore, after receiving the certificate went to enter the Shchukin school. He passed the exams on his first attempt. He received his education under Vladimir Ivanov.

After becoming a professional actor, Konstantin Beloshapka got a job in the theater named after. Vakhtangov. In it Vladimir Ivanov who noticed the talented guy helped him at once.

Successes in film

“Life and Fate” is the first project in filmography of actor Konstantin Beloshapka. Played a part in a small episode. On set together with him such stars of domestic cinema as Sergey Makovetsky and Alexander Baluev worked.

Actor Konstantin Beloshapka highlights in his filmography the project “Code of Honor”. He appeared in season 6. The audience appeared in the image of Igor Panin. It was after participating in this film that he began to receive more serious roles. In the following few years such films with Konstantin Beloshapka as “The Eighties”, “The Village”, and “The Moon” were released.

The first fame to the talented actor came after the release of the film “Quiet Don”. Critics spoke positively about the project itself, and about the work of our hero. Konstantin appeared before the audience in the image of Andreyan.

But most of all the audience remembered the role in the film “Hotel Eleon”. Constantine appeared before the audience in the image of one of the leading characters. Played Alexei’s porter. The same role received in the multi-series project “Grand”.

In the filmography of actor Konstantin Beloshapka it is worth highlighting the sports drama “From the bottom of the top”. Played professional skier Kostya Korolkova. Pavel Shevando received the lead role in this project.

Filmography of actor Konstantin Beloshapka has more than 20 projects. It is worth highlighting such films with his participation as “Swallow”, “Nenastie”, “Team”, “Strong Armor”. Pictures such as “The Former” and “Voices” will soon be on screen. Black crowning.”

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Konstantin Beloshapka? It all adds up perfectly. A talented man is married. His choice was actress Daria Ursulyak. They met while studying. The wedding took place in 2015. A few months later the baby came to light. The daughter happy parents called Ulyana.

Konstantin Beloshapka’s wife Daria Ursulyak at the present stage works in the theater and is in films. Together they appeared in several projects.

Interesting facts

  1. There are Konstantin Beloshapka Instagram. He regularly posts a wide variety of photos.
  2. The actor has a pet pet — an English bulldog.
  3. Konstantin Beloshapka’s father is not only a scientist-mathematician. He is also the head of the church of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.
  4. Constantine attended the birth of his wife.

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