Actor Kamil Larin: biography, filmography, personal life

The date of birth of a famous male is November 10, 1966. Actor Kamil Larin appeared in Volgograd in a family that has no connection with either creativity or film. Both father and mom were engineers.

A brief biography


Kamil Larin as an actor in childhood didn’t plan to become. He played sports. Attracted the guy of single combats and weightlifting. I found time to play chess as well. Over the years he became involved in writing poetry.

After receiving his certificate, Kamel enrolled in an energy engineering school. He studied to the end, becoming an electrician. However, over time the man realized that he did not want to work in the profession. Besides, he was drawn to creativity. So he went to the capital and enrolled in a theatre institute. He received his education at the Faculty of Variety under Korovin.

Creative biography

Actor Kamil Larin, while studying at the institute, met such actors as Leonid Barats, Rostislav Khait and Alexander Demidov. Together, they decided to create their own theatre. A few months later, the well-known “Quartet I” appeared to all.

The first time was tough. No one knew the actors, people didn’t come to the performances. However, persistent artists were able to achieve theirs. Having played in performances such as Radio Day and Election Day, they managed to get the audience interested.

Actor Kamil Larin on stage as part of the famous troupe and at the present stage.

Career in cinematography

The first project in the filmography of actor Kamil Larin is “Your fingers smell like incense”. He starred in a minor episode. After 9 years, three more paintings involving him came out. But they didn’t bring popularity to a talented man.

Famous actor Kamil Larin became after the release of the film “Election Day”. He appeared before the audience in the image of a technician. The name of the hero, as well as the actor – Kamil. True middle names changed. Along with him, other participants of the “Quartet I” also starred in the painting. Their characters were called exactly the same as the actors themselves. The film was voted best comedy of the year.

Then came films with Kamil Larin such as Radio Day, Election Day 2, What Men Talk About. The last project was so successful that first the sequel was filmed, and then two more parts came to the screens. All films starred actors of the famous theatre.

In the filmography of actor Kamil Larin it is worth highlighting such projects as “Wonderland”, “Faster Than Bunnies”, “All So Sudden”, “Strong Marriage”, “Happiness! Health!” , “Team B”, “Handsfree”, “Tobol”. Projects such as “Feedback” and “Tobol 2” will soon be on screens.

Outside the set

How are things going in the personal life of actor Camille Larin? He was married several times. The first spouse is Galina. They met on a train while driving to Volgograd. The wedding took place in 1989. After 4 years, a child was born. The son was named Jan. The relationship lasted until 2012.

The actor was very much worried. He tried several times to repair the relationship, to start fresh. But then realized it wouldn’t work out. Kamil and Galina managed to maintain the friendship.

Kamil Larina’s second wife is Ekaterina Andreeva. She is not related to cinema. He works for Bosco. Married an actor despite a solid age difference. Kamil is 18 years older. The marriage was born a son, Daniyar, and a daughter, Leisan.

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