Actor John Krasinski: biography, filmography, personal life

Actor John Krasinski came to light in 1979, October 20. There was this event in a small town called Newton. This is where he spent his childhood years.

The parents were not affiliated with the movies. Mom is a housewife. She did parenting. His father worked as a therapist. John is not the only child in the family. He has brothers Paul and Kevin.

A brief biography


John Krasinski made his debut on set while still in school. He starred in a Broadway musical. Subsequently, he regularly took to the theatre stage, performing in school plays.

Despite this, the actor did not want to connect his life with cinema. After receiving his certificate, he went to college. Then he moved to Costa Rica, where he tried to get a job as a teacher. He taught the children English for months. But then decided to go back to America.

After returning, actor John Krasinski enrolled at Brown College. This time he studied for a playwright. He played basketball in parallel with his training. In this sport achieved considerable success. In recent courses he helped coach.

After graduation, he moved to Connecticut and began attending acting courses.

Career successes The

creative biography of John Krasinski started in 2000. The actor played a minor role in the motion picture “Thirteen Days”. Over the next few years, he starred in a vast array of projects. But getting occasional roles. His appearance in the frame few noticed.

In 2005, John Krasinski’s filmography was supplemented by the motion picture “Marines”. It was this project that brought the first fame to a talented actor.

John became truly famous after the first series of the film “The Office”. Got one of the leading roles. He starred in the image of Jim Halpert. Along with him, Steve Carell glittered on set. We starred our hero in all 9 seasons of the popular TV project.

Gradually began to get John Krasinski lead roles. In his filmography you can highlight such projects as “Marriage License”, “Hoohotushki”, “Simple Complexities”, “Promised Land”, “Prophet”, “13 Hours. The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, “Jack Ryan”.

“ A Quiet Place” is another successful painting in John Krasinski’s filmography. The film was created under his direction. John Krasinski sat in the director’s chair and the title role was sung by his wife Emily Blunt.

At the present stage, John Krasinski’s filmography has more than 50 projects. He has produced more than 10 films. As a director he directed 4 motion pictures and several series of “The Office”. The film “Quiet Place 2″ will soon be released on screens. Continues John to star in the miniseries project “Jack Ryan”.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt is a love story

In 2008, John traveled to Los Angeles. And it was in this town that he met his future wife — Emily Blunt. It happened at a meeting with friends. They were presented to each other by common acquaintances. John fell in love with the actress at first sight.

The first date decided to arrange on a shooting range, than very much surprised the girl. But she liked the original meeting. After a few dates, they began dating. An offer John made a year later.


gala was held in 2010 in Italy at George Clooney’s mansion. A few years passed and Emily gave birth. The girl is the happy parents named Hazel. After 2 years, journalists learned that in the family of John Krasinski was expected to be replenished. A few months later, another girl was born, who the actors named Violet.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are still together. They have complete confidence in each other.

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