Actor Igor Petrenko: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Biography of actor Igor Petrenko could have developed completely differently. Even before his filmmaking career, he went to prison. But after going free 2 years, the man was able to succeed in the creative sphere.

The short biography 

Actor Igor Petrenko appeared in 1977, August 23. There was this event in the territory of the GDR. The talented man’s father was military and served in this country. The capital of Russia returned when Igor turned three years old. The actor isn’t the only child in the family. Igor has a sister Irina.

The parents had nothing to do with cinema. My father was in the military, my mother worked as an interpreter. I didn’t plan to become an actor and Igor himself. He was into sports. He attended the section of sambo and judo. The training was treated negatively. Only English lessons were interested in the guy.

At a young age Igor Petrenko got into bad company. I ended up in court. For being on a crime scene I received 2 years. He served time in “Sailor’s silence”. Then there were several psychological examinations and another 8 years of suspended sentence.

Successful career

Negative event could not but affect the biography of actor Igor Petrenko. He decided to change lives dramatically. Thanks to the support of an acquaintance of the actress, he managed to enter the Shchepkin School. I managed the exams on the first attempt. After becoming a professional actor, Igor Petrenko got a job at the Small Theatre.

The first project in Igor Petrenko’s filmography is the television series “Simple Truths”. But the popularity of the actor was not affected by the role in the film. However, success did not make itself long to wait. Before long, the movie “Star” came to the screens. Igor played the lead character. It was this project that made the man a popular and sought-after artist.

“ Driver for Vera” is another successful project in the filmography of actor Igor Petrenko. Then there were films featuring him such as “The Wolf of the Grey Hands”, “The Cadets”, “Earth’s Best City”.

Actor Igor Petrenko often received military roles. He played officers and soldiers in projects such as “We are from Future 2 “, “Retired 2”, “Sleepers”, “Non-Suggestions”, “Dear”.

Filmography of actor Igor Petrenko has more than 50 projects. It is worth highlighting such films as “The Elimination Decision”, “Viking”, “You All Beat Me”, “Frontier”, “Alien Daughter”, “Daddy Rental”, “Pilgrim”, “Winter”. In the near future, the multi-series project “Chernobyl” will be released on screens. Igor Petrenko will appear before spectators in the image of Andrey Nikolaev.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Igor Petrenko? The man was married several times. The first spouse was Irina Leonova. The acquaintance occurred while studying at a theater school. But the relationship didn’t last long.

Igor Petrenko’s second wife is famous actress Ekaterina Klimova. They met during filming in the film “Moscow windows”. At that point, the two were in a relationship. Ekaterina lived with Ilya Khoroshilov and raised her daughter. But after meeting Igor Petrenko, she divorced.

The relationship lasted about 10 years. Catherine and Igor were happy together. They starred in joint projects, raised numerous children. In this marriage, sons Matvei and Roots were born. But in 2014, the actors divorced. Journalists spread rumors that the relationship had broken down due to treason on the part of the actress. But neither Igor nor Catherine confirmed this information.

Igor Petrenko’s third wife is actress Kristina Brodskaya. The girl gave birth to three children. The daughter was named Maria, Sophia Carolina and Eva. Together Igor with Christina and at the present stage. Happiness is not hampered by a big age difference. Igor is 12 years older than Christina.

Interesting facts

  1. There are Igor Petrenko Instagram. He regularly posts a wide variety of photos.
  2. Igor’s interest in English arose thanks to the efforts of his mother, who worked as an interpreter.
  3. Igor Petrenko is a co-founder of the actors’ union. He helps artists who have been left in poverty after their careers end.
  4. Igor Petrenko often gets injured on filming. While working to create the motion picture “Black Cat”, he broke his arm. But the hospital refused. Igor continued to withdraw with injury.
  5. Igor Petrenko’s filmography has more than 50 projects.
  6. Igor Petrenko twice suggested to Kristina to marry him.

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