Actor Daniil Strakhov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

For all his creative biography, actor Daniil Strakhov received a huge variety of awards. He handled his roles beautifully. Continues the popular artist to work on the set and at the present stage. The fame of the man was brought to roles in projects such as “Poor Nastya”, “Storm Gate”.

Short biography

Actor Daniil Strakhov was born in 1978. There was this event on March 2 in the capital of Russia. His parents were not involved with film or creativity. My mother worked as a psychotherapist and her father was a philologist. Daniel is not the only child in the family. He has a sister, Lisa, who at the present stage, along with her father, lives in America.

At a young age, Daniil Alexandrovich was fond of theatre. He received his education at the experimental institution of the Academy of Sciences. He attended acting courses in parallel. But initially Daniel did not plan to link life to cinema. He didn’t even know what he wanted to be. But then still decided to become an actor.

Trained at school, Daniel began to develop his acting talent. Vavilov became his mentor. After graduation, the guy enrolled at the first attempt at MHAT. But I didn’t learn. He transferred to Shchukin school a few months after the start of training.

Career in cinema

The creative biography of actor Daniil Strakhov started with performances on the theatre stage. After graduation, he got a job in the theater named after. Gogol. Played in several dozen performances.

“ Arturo Ui’s career. New Version” is the first project in the filmography of actor Daniil Strakhov. The invitation to star in the painting received while studying at school. Appeared to the audience in a small episode, which did not affect his popularity in any way.

Actor Daniil Strakhov received his first star role in the film “Poor Nastya”. Appeared before the audience in the image of Baron Corfe. This project made Daniel a sought-after and well-known artist. Popularity only increased after the release of the military film tape “Storm Gate”. Our hero received a medal for his participation in the creation of the project. Daniel masterfully performed the role of Lieutenant Pankratov.

“ Isayev” is another successful film picture in the filmography of actor Daniil Strakhov. For his role in this project, our hero received a prize from the FSB. Equally famous was the painting “Apothegee”. The roles of lead characters were masterfully played by Daniil Strakhov and Maria Mironova.

Filmography of actor Daniil Strakhov has more than 60 projects. Such paintings as “Peregon”, “We are from the Future”, “Leningrad 46”, “Sonnentau”, “Incasators”, “Children of Arbat”, “Znachar”, “Fartsa”, “Khabarov’s principle” deserve special attention. Actor Daniil Strakhov masterfully played roles, both cynical bandits and brave soldiers.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Daniil Strakhov? In this sphere of life he is doing well. He’s been married for more than 20 years. Daniil Strakhov’s wife is Maria Leonova. They met while attending theater school.

During the first meeting the man couldn’t interest the girl. She didn’t even pay attention to him. But then they saw it again. The second meeting took place at the theater. Gogol. This time, feelings flared instantly. The wedding took place in 2001. The actors don’t have children.

Interesting Facts

  1. Actor Daniil Strakhov is a fan of such star colleagues as Edward Norton and Jack Nicholson.
  2. Daniel and his wife live in their own house near Saratov.
  3. The actor is negative about social media. But the Instagram page he has. Created she was fans who regularly post a wide variety of photos.
  4. Daniel and Mary have a pet pet, the Labrador.
  5. Daniel prefers to work in theatre. Filming in films attracts him less than performances on stage.

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