Actor Artur Smolyaninov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actor Arthur Smolyaninov managed to succeed thanks to his tenacity, colorability and irrepressible energy. Got on screens thanks to a successful combination of circumstances. If it wasn’t for that, he might have ended up in jail. But there was a man who managed to channel Arthur’s energy on track.

A brief biography


Artur Smolyaninov appeared in the capital of Russia. There was this event on 27 October 1983 in a family that had nothing to do with cinema. Almost immediately after the appearance of the baby parents made the decision to break up. The father left, and the upbringing of children began to be engaged in mother Maria Smolyaninova. Arthur has two brothers and a sister.

The actor in his younger years was not of good character. He bullied constantly, got his classmates. It is often written that he changed many schools. But it really isn’t. Arthur studied till 7th grade in one school, then his mother transferred to another institution, where he finished his studies. And here on account in militia the actor really consisted. Perhaps he wouldn’t have become an actor. But in the biography of Artur Smolyaninov there were changes due to a successful combination of circumstances.

Once a talented boy was noticed by the director Primykhov. He knew immediately that Arthur was capable of building a good career in film. So he invited him to sit in his project. Arthur agreed and became “Best Teenage Actor”.

This seriously reflected on the guy’s wishes. He completed his studies at the school extern and went to enroll at the theatre school. He received his education at GITIS under Leonid Heifetz.

Career in cinema

The first project in filmography of Artur Smolyaninov is a painting “At the dawn of a misty youth”. Got such a minor role that his name wasn’t even in the credits. But the next project brought him the title of “the best teenage actor”. Our hero starred in the picture “Who, If Not Us.” Appeared to the audience in the image of Tolyasik.

Success to actor Arthur Smolyaninov didn’t come immediately. He played several occasional roles, and then received an invitation from Fyodor Bondarchuk. It was planned that Arthur would play Gioconda in the 9 Company motion picture. But subsequently in the image of this character Konstantin Kryukov appeared before the audience. And our hero played Private Lyutayev – the only surviving soldier.

Arthur became perfectly involved in the image of Lyutoy. Through this role, he reached a new level in his acting career and won the love of many audiences. It began to be recognized on the street, and movie makers filled the talented guy with invitations to shoot.

Another successful project in the filmography of Arthur Smolyaninov is the painting “On the Edge of Standing”. He played frontiersman Andrew, who lost his legs. But even that didn’t stop him from revealing the criminal gang.

Arthur gets diverse roles. It gained popularity not only through war paintings. In the filmography of Artur Smolyaninov there was also a place for the film “My Guy Is an Angel”. In this painting he played the role of an angel. Along with him Anna Starschenbaum worked on the set.

In the filmography of Artur Smolyaninov it is worth highlighting such projects as “Zhara”, “Servant of the Gosdarev”, “Samara”, “Christmas trees 1914”, “1612”, “Five Brides”, “The habit of parting”, “All or nothing”. Extreme project “Kalashnikov”. At the present stage, Arthur is shot at once in several paintings, which will be released on screens soon.

Theatre career and charity

In the theater, actor Artur Smolyaninov began to perform regularly after the film “9 company” was released to the screens. At the moment he works in “Sovremennik”. Already played in several dozen performances.

Artur Smolyaninov is a member of the board of trustees of the foundation, founded by Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova. The activities of the organization “Give Life” directions to help children with oncohematologic diseases.

Outside the set

In Artur Smolyaninov’s personal life, everything adds up perfectly. During the work on the creation of the film “Geters of Major Sokolov” our hero met actress Daria Melnikova. An affair swirled between the two, which quickly escalated into a serious relationship. The wedding took place in 2013.

Two years passed and Daria gave birth. The happy parents of their son named Arthur. Years later, Dasha gave birth again. In 2018, his second son came to light. The child’s name Artur Smolyaninov and Daria Melnikova are kept secret.

Interesting facts The

  1. Godfather of Arthur’s first child is the famous actor Ivan Okhlobystin.
  2. Fans and journalists talked for a long time that in Artur Smolyaninov’s personal life everything is not easy. Allegedly Daria decided to part ways with the actor because of his cravings for alcohol. But if problems arose, the couple managed to cope with them.
  3. Arthur’s brother suffers from atypical autism. It was because of this that the actor became involved in charity work
  4. For the

  5. sake of filming in the film “My boyfriend is an angel” Arthur gave up meat for six months.
  6. Arthur is a football fan. He is a fan of the Spartak team.

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