Actor Anton Pampushny: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts


 birthplace of a popular actor is Kazakhstan. He was born in Astana. This event occurred on May 5, 1982. To work especially in childhood didn’t stretch, about the career of the actor didn’t dream. Except that KVN played. In his spare time he was involved in sports. The future actor was interested in Eastern martial arts, boxing, basketball.

After graduation, he enrolled in the College of Commerce and Economics, which he successfully graduated with a marketer’s degree. He worked in the specialty for a short time. Anton happened to be on Mosfilm, after which he decided to try his hand at cinema. The man went to Moscow and entered the MHAT. He received his education under Brusnikin and Kozak.

First Steps in Career

On Stage First Performed Back in Student Years. Played in several performances. After receiving his diploma, he got a job in the theater. Pushkin. He worked on the stage of this institution until 2008.

On set he debuted in 2005. He received a minor role in the motion picture “Candid Polaroid Pictures”. Director Kirill Serebrennikov entrusted Anton to play the role of bodyguard.

After graduating from MHAT, the aspiring actor immediately starred in the project, thanks to which he attracted the attention of eminent directors. Appeared before the audience in the painting “Alexander. Battle of Nevsky”. To reliably play the role of a warrior, it was necessary to increase the physical load several times. In addition, one had to learn how to handle the sword and ride the horse. On a daily basis, the actor made marching throws, heaping himself with a variety of weightlifters.

Parallel to filming, Anton was receiving his third education. He admits that he will want to become a director in the future. That’s why he entered VGIK.

Successful creative biography

All the effort spent was not in vain. Anton masterfully played the role of a warrior in a historical painting. He managed to interest critics and film makers. He received several prestigious awards for his acting.

In the following few years, Anton Pampushny’s filmography was supplemented by several projects. You can see it in paintings such as “A Killer Kill”, “The Loop”, “The House of the Malutka”, and “Minnesota”.

Critics praised Anton’s role in the film “Poor LIZ”. Together with the man on the set Maria Mashkova worked. Our hero appeared before the audience in the image of a Canadian police officer.

One of the most controversial roles in Anton Pampushny’s filmography is Arsus in the film “Defenders”. Our “answer” to Hollywood action movies about superheroes failed. Critics trashed both the film and the play of the main actors. The main problem is the lack of a quality story. Along with Anton, Alina Lanina, Sanjar Madi and Sebastian Sisak worked on the set.

One of the last works is the film “Balkan frontier”. Together with Anton, Gosha Kutsenko, Ravšana Kurkova, Milena Radulović and Miloš Biković worked to create the project. The film, based on historical events, was liked by both the audience and critics.

During the filming process, Anton resumed training again. He was required to boost stamina and learn how to wield weapons. In addition, the actor attended hand-to-hand combat lessons and learned Serbian.

In the near future, projects such as “Koma”, “Ilya Muromets” and “Friend for Sale” will be released on the screens. Our hero will play in all the pictures.

Outside the set

In Anton Pampushny’s personal life, everything adds up perfectly. His spouse is Monica Grossman. The acquaintance took place while studying at the studio school. The actors decided not to arrange lush wedding celebrations. They signed up in Denmark without even telling their parents about it.

At the present stage, because of the busy schedule, Anton Pampushny and Monica Grossman don’t spend much time together. Also, actors live in different countries. Anton works in Russia and Monica performs in Germany at the theatre.

In 2017, Monica gave birth to a son. Happy parents named the baby Vincent. Anton periodically posts Instagram photos with his son.

Interesting facts

  1. During his studies at the Trade and Economics College Anton worked on radio.
  2. In the motion picture “Alexander. Battle of Nevsky” Anton received the role not immediately. First approved another actor, but then again returned to the candidacy of our hero.
  3. During filming at the historic project, Anton had to wear armour that weighed about 40 kg. In addition, actors in battle scenes used real swords.
  4. Anton Pampushny is fond of photography. He often attends a variety of exhibitions.
  5. Anton believes that each person should have their own personal diary. It is necessary to record all your thoughts. Perhaps in the future it will help to find a vocation, new hobbies and interests.

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