Actor Alexei Demidov: biography, filmography, personal life

Actor Alexei Demidov appeared in 1987, August 24. It happened in Nizhny Novgorod in a family that was not connected with cinema in any way. The child was raised by the mother. The father contacted the crime and left the family. And then he died at all.

Short biography

Actor Alexey Demidov even didn’t think about a career in cinema. After watching a motion picture “Pirates of the Twentieth Century” wanted to become a sailor. But one day, his mom’s girlfriend suggested a guy go to theater school. He tried it and failed. The guy was really small. Besides the Cartavil. So in entrance exams he was advised to get rid of pronunciation problems.

Alexei made it very angry. He practically dropped out of school. Became playing sports. The persistent guy was constantly hanging on the tournament, visiting the pool, trying with the help of a speech therapist to correct the pronunciation. He ended up coming the next year to re-enroll in theatre school with no problems with speech. In addition, it has grown at 12 cm. This time he successfully passed the exams.

After finishing his studies at the Nizhny Novgorod School, actor Alexey Demidov went to St. Petersburg. Entered to SPBGATI. But I didn’t learn because I understood that nothing fundamentally new he isn’t taught. Having taken away documents, I went to conquer Moscow. In the capital he got a job in the theater.

Creative biography

Actor Alexey Demidov played his first role in the miniseries project “Redhead”. On set got thanks to a friend who called him to watch. Alexey received a minor role, but still was happy about it as well. After all, there was no money for living in Moscow at that time.

Over the next few years, films with Alexey Demidov, such as “Hour of Volkov”, “Alien among his own”,” Marusya”, “Traffic light”, “Lavrova Method”. And for the role in the movie “Fighters. The last fight” Alexey even for the helm of the plane had to sit down.

Thanks to numerous series Alexey became a popular actor. He often received police officer roles. For example, appeared before the audience in the image of a law enforcement officer in the film “Comrade Police Officers”. This project brought the talented actor his first fame.

Filmography of actor Alexei Demidov has more than 70 projects. It is filmed mostly in TV series. It is worth highlighting such paintings as “Londongrad. Know Ours”, “Whispers”, “War of the Sexes”, “Elder Wife”, “Viking”, “Fitness”, “Crimean Bridge. Made with love!” , “Tit”, “Firefly”, “Sputnik”.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Alexey Demidov? In Nizhny Novgorod the guy met a girl named Katya. They had been in a relationship for several years. Together they studied in a theater studio, together they moved to the capital. But then the decision was made to break up.

As Alexey said afterwards, relations at them were not easy. They constantly quarreled, diverged and converged again. Then realized that such relations will not lead to anything good, and finally broke up.

Alexey Demidov’s wife is Elena Brovkina. They met on set. The girl is not an actress. At that point, she was replacing one of the assistants. It all started with friendly feelings that developed into a serious relationship. The wedding took place 6 months after acquaintance.

The relationship between the two has not been easy. They also contemplated a divorce and moved out for a week. But realized that they can’t without each other. From that point on, we try not to fight anymore. Together for over 9 years.

In Alexey Demidov’s family, daughters grow up. The older name is Anastasia, the younger one is Yesenia.

Actor Alexei Demidov had another daughter. Her name was Sophia. But she died. At the present stage, the actor tries not to speak to journalists on the subject.

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