Actor Alexei Barabash: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Barabash Alexey Igorevich is an actor who became popular due to talent and ability to embody many different characters on screens. The audience could see him as bandits, war heroes, historical personalities, employees of medical institutions and investigators. The actor has repeatedly declared that he feels great in any image.

A short biography


Actor Alexey Barabash came to light in 1977. There was this event on June 12 in St. Petersburg in a family that was not connected with cinema. My father was into jazz, my mother was engaged in raising a child. Alexei has no brothers or sisters.

As a child in parallel with his schooling, actor Alexey Barabash attended a music studio. He learned to play percussion. However, music did not attract him, so he refused to attend classes quickly enough.

He was keen on sports. He practiced martial arts and played football and hockey. In his free time from numerous classes modeled ships.

As children, parents often moved from place to place. Therefore Alexey changed school several times. Through this, he learned to get to know new people, to find common ground with them.

Alexey Barabash didn’t plan to become an actor. He did not attend theater circles or perform in school events. However, Alexey’s mother was sure that thanks to his appearance the guy will be able to prove himself in the creative profession. She was the one who persuaded him to attend theatre courses. Alexey’s mentor was Zinoviy Korogodsky.

Student years

Thanks to communication with a talented teacher and artist, Alexey caught fire with the idea of becoming an actor. He received his certificate and enrolled at St. Petersburg University. The exams passed on the first attempt, reading the fable. In this institution he continued to hone his skills under Korogodsky.

Learning has proved harder. Alexei just wasn’t ready for acting life. So in his freshman year, he often walked classes. Was one of the worst students. But the teacher showed patience. Zinovii didn’t charge the guy and turned out to be right. On the 2nd year Alexey approached the classes more responsibly.

Creative biography

Actor Alexey Barabash after graduating from the institute got a job at the Young Spectator Theatre. Then he played on the stage of “Baltic House”. In 2 years he played in several dozen performances. But subsequently decided to devote his life to filming in movies. Interest in the theatre scene in the talented man is gone.

The first project in the filmography of actor Alexei Barabash is “Russian Riot”. Before the audience appeared in the image of a writer. His hero didn’t even have a name.

He played his first flamboyant character in the film “Poor, Poor Paul”. He received the role of Alexander I. After the release of the television series on screens, Alexey began to receive invitations to shoot from eminent directors.

To recognize a talented actor on the street became after the release of the film “Peter FM”. Played by Alexey a guy named Kostya. But the actor himself didn’t like that character. Office life for the man proved too boring.

“ The Life and Death of Lenka Panteleev” is a successful project in the filmography of actor Alexei Barabash. In front of the audience, our hero appeared in the image of a robber.

Over the next few years, several films with Alexei came to the screens. Virtually all of them became successful. You can watch a man’s acting in projects such as Palm Sunday, We’re from the Future and There Would Be No Happiness.

The actor’s popularity virtually doubled after the release of the film “Stalingrad”. Played the role of an opera singer who had to fight. For credibility, the actor had to lose weight by 15 kg.

In the filmography of actor Alexey Barabash it is worth highlighting such projects as “These eyes opposite”, “Teach me to live”, “Icebreaker”, “Mysterious Passion”, “What Men Talk About. Sequel”, “A Zors Are Quiet Here”, “Juhlbars”. The film “On the spearhead” will soon be released on the screens.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actor Alexei Barabash? The talented man had several wives. He has children.

Alexey Barabash’s first wife is Olga Belinskaya. She’s an actress too. The acquaintance took place while studying at the theatre school. Almost immediately after the beginning of the relationship Alexey and Olga decided to play a wedding. In the marriage, a son was born, whom it was decided to name Arseniy.

And then tragedy struck. Olga and Alexey together with friends were involved in an accident. The man got off with a slight fright, and the actress was taken to intensive care. She survived. Alexei spent a lot of time and effort looking after his wife. But eventually the woman decided to walk away from the actor. She later realized the mistake and wanted the man back. But it was late. Alexey maintains a relationship with his son. Arseniy decided to connect his life with music.

Alexei Barabash’s second wife is Natalia Burmistrova. The relationship didn’t last long. The unraveling marriage began after one of the scandals, when the actor accidentally insulted his wife.

Then there was an affair with a girl named Yulya. In the marriage, a son was born, who was named Matway. But that relationship fell apart, too. Alexey realized that she and Yulya were too different.

Alexei Barabash’s fourth wife is Anna Zdor. The acquaintance took place on filming. In 2014, they formalized their relationship. A daughter was born in marriage, who was named Varvara. But that relationship fell apart after a few years. Anna claims that the reason for the divorce was treason on the part of the actor. But Alexey himself disproves this information.

Subsequently, there were rumors of novels with Anna Vorkueva and Alexandra Bogdanova. But the actors themselves did not confirm this information.

Interesting facts

  1. Actor Alexey Barabash leads a healthy lifestyle. He gave up alcohol, started running regularly for 5 km., took up sports. Changed nutrition by giving up meat.
  2. Alexey loves hiking. In the warmer months he prefers to ride a bike.
  3. Alexei survived two strokes. Recovering long. No one even suspected the actor might have died. He still attended filming, and in his spare time went to his parents and continued to recover.
  4. The actor claims to have done a lot of nonsense in his youth. However, he is proud to have managed to establish a good relationship with his son.
  5. Filmography of actor Alexei Barabash has more than 90 projects.

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