Actor Alexander Konstantinov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actor Konstantinov Alexander did not plan to link life to cinema at all. But heeded the advice of a classmate and entered a theater school. However, first there was participation in the TV project “Hunger”. He went to Germany Alexander to get rid of the complexes. I ended up building a pretty good career.

A short biography


Actor Konstantinov Alexander came to light in 1980. There was this event on August 15 in Crimea. His parents are not related to film. Father was a military man. Therefore, the childhood of the future actor passed in the garrison. Mom worked as a teacher. She taught children to play musical instruments. Alexander is not the only child in the family. He has a sister with a brother.

Alexander did not plan to build a career in film. I wanted to become military at first. But I couldn’t enter the technical school, because I showed up for examinations with a hangover. I wouldn’t listen to him. Therefore I submitted documents to the commercial technical school. Decided he would be a commodity expert.

While studying at the technical school, Alexander began to perform in performances. He was very afraid of the audience reaction. Was bundled. But, as he took the stage, all the fears faded. This was noticed by a classmate. She advised Alexander to think about a career in film.

Service in the army, work as a bodyguard and participation in the TV project

After finishing the technical school, the actor never managed to work as a commodity expert. He went to the army. Having served in special forces, the man first of all visited parents who managed to move to Kamensk-Uralsky. Then went to Korolev, where his brother worked. In this town, he got a job in security. For months labored as a bodyguard, defending criminal authority.

The creative biography of actor Alexander Konstantinov began with participation in the television show “Hunger”. Got into the project by accident. He was walking around town and saw the commercial. Long thought if he needed it. Then decided that it was necessary to get rid of complexes, and went to casting. In the end he managed to win first place, built a career in film and found his love.

Alexander spent prizes on studying at the Shchukin school. He received his education at the course of Vladimir Ivanov. He was among the best students of the school. After receiving his diploma, he got a job in the theater. Vakhtangov.

Career in cinema

“On the eve of Autumn” is the first project in the filmography of actor Konstantinov Alexander. The role in the short did not bring him notoriety. But he continued to attend viewings. Regularly received occasional roles in different television series.

The first serious project is the painting “One Night of Love”. Before the audience appeared in the image of Prince Vorontsov. Then got a role in the motion picture “Caramel”. Within a few years such films with actor Alexander Konstantinov as “Nevalashka”, “Angelika”, “House at the Last Lantern”, “Planted Duck” came to the screens.

It mainly stars Alexander in TV series. The popularity of the actor increased several times due to the motion picture “IP Pirogov”. Filmed in this project and at the present stage. His set partners included Elena Podkaminskaya, Danila Dunaev and Ksenia Teplova.

Outside the set

Alexander Konstantinov’s wife is Karina Sabirzyanova. The acquaintance took place during participation in the TV project “Hunger”. Relationships didn’t pan out easy. At first, the girl didn’t take the man seriously. At that point, she was in a relationship.

In the middle of the project, her boyfriend came to Karina and proposed. The girl agreed. She married Anton Kraev. The show returned closer to the finale. Communicating with Alexander, I realized that I was wrong in choosing her husband. She eventually divorced and moved to Moscow with Alexander. None of Karinu’s close understood. She traded a rich husband for a poor actor. But Karina herself was happy.

Alexander Konstantinov’s family is very large He has three children — twins Klim and Olivia and youngest daughter Theona. At the present stage, children play sports. Olivia is keen on Brazilian wrestling capoeira. Parallel studies English and draws. Klim is involved in sambo and is keen on climbing.

The wedding of Alexander Konstantinov and Karina Sabirzyanova took place in 2013 after the birth of children. Together they are also at the present stage. The actor has admitted more than once that romance from their relationship is not missing.

In the personal life of actor Alexander Konstantinov, everything adds up perfectly. Karina was difficult at first. Her husband was constantly filmed in bed scenes, so she was jealous. But then Alexander explained to her that it was just a job. Now Karina is more relaxed about her spouse’s roles.

Interesting facts

  1. Actor Konstantinov Alexander leads a healthy lifestyle. He visits the gym regularly. After the Army, he was engaged in kickboxing for a long time.
  2. In his spare time Alexander is engaged in needlework. He creates figurines using coin as material.
  3. A man dreams of making his own film. He even has an idea. It’s only left to write a script and find money for filming.
  4. Thanks to his mother’s efforts the actor graduated from music school.
  5. Serials featuring Alexander Konstantinov come to screens constantly. To date, the filmography of the man has more than 60 projects.
  6. From Theatr. Vakhtangov Alexander left. At the present stage, he pays all attention to filming. He never took the stage after leaving the theatre.
  7. Alexander Konstantinov often practices Osho meditation. Interest in practitioners came after a trip to India.

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