80s cult duo Modern Talking


Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen to this day are recognized as the most successful German performers. Only musicians of “Rammstein” could repeat their triumph on the world pop.

Fateful meeting The

heyday of the creativity of “Modern Talk” came on the second half of the eighties. After the 1987 breakup, the band’s popularity only increased and the collective became iconic.

Dieter Bohlen has been fond of music since his teenage years. The young man wrote songs, aiming to launch a professional career. With the studio “Intersong” his collaboration began in 1979.

Thomas Anders’s real name is Bernd Weidung. To play musical instruments, including guitar, he learned as a child. Vocalist, winner of many competitions in his hometown, from 1980 on the recommendation of producers on stage used a sound moniker.

The meeting of both participants of the legendary group took place in the eighties. In that period, both were just beginning professional careers. Bohlen was looking for a vocalist for his song “Pick Up The Phone”. The result of the first collaboration was 5 compositions in the native language.

World recognition

Both artists realized that world fame required performance in English. In 1984, the duo “Modern Talking” was created. After 3 months, his first hit, “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, became the top of the world charts.

The artists recorded their debut album in 1985. The success of “The First Album” enjoyed incredible, but also it was broken by a new work, the CD “Let’s Talk About Love”. Musicians in 1986 managed to increase notoriety with the help of the compilation “Ready For Romance”. The audience of fans increased to the size of the world. The ensemble’s songs were sung even in Thai.

Together with the recognition, problems began as well. The reasons for the duo’s collapse were several. Anders referred to fatigue from endless touring, Bolen assured that the breakdown caused frequent disruptions of filming and introductions about fault of the backing vocalist and wife Thomas Nora. In 1986, the group ceased to exist.

Final break-up

Ex-participants chose solo careers for themselves. Dieter at the same time produced several projects, including “Blue System”. However, singly to achieve success of the duo musicians failed.

Reunification occurred in 1998. The duo performed on German television, presented a compilation of early songs. By success, the album distilled all the discs. In 2001, the band performed with rapper Eric Singleton. The clips enjoyed their greatest success in France.

News of the break-up broke up in 2003 during the concert. The unexpected news was not just for fans, but also for the duo’s producers. The final concert was held in June. The final point was performance of the first hit.

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