8 best Uruguayan films

25 Watt (2002)

 25 Watts

 Directorial duo Pablo Stolla and Juan Pablo Rebella released comedy film “25 Watt” in 2002. It won ten awards including the “best film” prize at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and Havana Festival. The ribbon examines the lives of young Uruguayans. For 24 hours, Leche, Javi and Seba share with each other their problems in their studies and relationships with girls. For actor Daniel Endler, the role of Leche became a landmark in career and brought first fame.

Whisky (2004)

Juan Pablo Rebella’s Whisky

Cult Comedy is one of Uruguay’s most famous films abroad. She won the prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The plot revolves around unspoken problems between brothers Herman and Jacobo. Jacobo is the owner of a sock factory; Martha is his employee. A morning call reports Jacobo’s mother has died. He sends a fax to Brazil to his brother Hermann, whom he has not seen since childhood, and informs him of the funeral. Jacobo asks Martha to play the role of his wife at the funeral so that relatives develop a good idea of him. Starring AndrĂ© Pasos, Mirella Pascual and Jorge Bolani. Critics called it “the best Latin American film”.

Bad Day for Fishing (2009)

Mal dĂ­a Para Pescar

Comedy “Bad Day for Fishing” became the nominee of many prestigious festivals and was officially nominated for an Oscar. The film’s screenplay was based on a work of the same name by writer Juan Carlos Onetti. The ribbon tells about two fighters of the mixed single combats who travel through Uruguay and arrange fights without rules.

Journey to the Sea (2003)

El viaje hacia el mar

Guillermo Casanova shot the painting “Journey to the Sea” based on story by Juan JosĂ© Morosoli. The five main characters gather at a bar and find out they’ve never been to the sea. They embark on a journey in an old truck to the Atlantic Ocean. The film was shot in the most beautiful places in Uruguay. The magnificent cast includes Hugo Arana, Cesar Troncoso, Diego Delgrossi and Julio Calcaño.

The Last Train (2002)

El Ăşltimo tren: CorazĂłn de fuego

A film directed by Diego Arzuaga tells about ambitious businessman Paulse, who wants to sell the old 33rd train known as the “Corazón de fuego”. A group of seniors from Friends of the Rails plan to steal the train to preserve the historic commons in their homeland. The group of hijackers is led by the Professor, and the train itself is led by Pepe, who learned to do so during the Spanish Civil War. They travel by train across the country, discover many abandoned towns and train stops.

Toilet for the Pope (2007)

El baño del Papa

Directors Cesar Charlon and Enrique Fernández released a comedy dedicated to the arrival of Pope John Paul II to Uruguay. The action develops in the small Uruguayan village of Melo, where people suffer from a lack of social care. They are preparing to receive the Pope and want to make money on thousands of pilgrims who will come to the city from different countries. Beto decides to open a toilet business in the village. The film won several awards and was widely acclaimed by international critics.

Giant (2009)


Jara works as a security guard at a supermarket in Montevideo. This is a man of 30 years old, lonely, quiet and very big. He watches TV all days, loves heavy metal, sometimes works like a bouncer at a disco. One night, he notices cleaning lady Julia. He watches her through the cameras while she works, and after work secretly follows her. Hara hides from the woman and never talks to her. Gradually, he becomes jealous of her colleague.

Artigas: Redota (2011)

Artigas: La Redota

The film by Cesar Charlone is part of the Spanish project “Libertadores” is a series of feature films about the lives of Latin American heroes. In 1884, the famous painter Juan Manuel Blanes of Uruguay was asked to create a portrait of JosĂ© Artigas. There is only one drawing of his face made in old age. Blanes must imagine what a national hero looked like and reveal his character. Among the various material, Blanes finds recordings of an old Spanish spy, Anibal Larra, hired by Manuel de Sarratea to kill Artigas. At the time Artigas was hiding on the banks of Ayui Creek, north of Uruguay. Larra finds Artigas’s camp after contact with his mother. He is assisted by the freed slave girl Ansina.

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