7 interesting facts about cruiser “Aurora”


Cruiser “Aurora” built the third battleship. The first two such cruisers bore the names “Diana” and “Pallada”. Shipbuilding works became part of a program to equalize the naval forces of the Russian Empire with the German forces.


The name “Aurora” was the first to receive a sailing frigate in 1833. He served the fleet for 28 years and managed to make two round-the-world voyages, as well as participating in the defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky during the Crimean War. According to tradition established since the time of Peter the Great, the name of the ship was chosen by the emperor. In 1897 Nicholas II were offered the following several titles, among which were: “Aurora”, “Heliona”, “Nayada”, “Juno”, and many others. The emperor chose the name “Aurora”, emphasized it in the text, and marked it with a pencil below the text.


Aurora’s launching ceremony was held on May 11, 1900. It was attended by Nicholas II with her wife Alexandra. On deck in the guard of honour was one of the surviving crewmen of the frigate, whose name was the new cruiser. Constantine Pilkin, who served as a watch officer on the frigate “Aurora” during the Far Eastern campaign, was also present.


Aurora became a participant in the transition of the Second Far Eastern Squadron from the Baltic to the Far East, as well as in the Battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese wars.


“Aurora” is considered a symbol of the Great Russian Revolution, as with its shot was to start storming the Winter Palace. However, this has not been carried out in the way it is generally believed. The cruiser was instructed: to anchor at the Mykolaiv Bridge, in case shelling of the Winter Palace where members of the provisional government began. Aurora was under repair, but to the bridge still moored. On 25 October at 21.40 the cruiser had to fire a couple of times idle, which meant only a warning: “Attention! Readiness.” However, the gun of Peter and Paul fortress shot first, and the second shot towards the Winter Palace sounded from Aurora.


In 1941, the cruiser “Aurora” was to be a monument. But the bloody Great Patriotic War intervened in the course of events. The ship came under fire and sustained damage. In July 1944, the ship was sent for repairs, which stretched over the next four years. On board the cruiser subsequently housed the training base of the Leningrad Nakhimov School, later becoming a branch of the Central Naval Museum.


In order to shoot the movie “Cruiser “Varyag”, “Aurore” changed the look of the bow and added a form of pipe. And after repairs made in the summer of 1984, experts began to claim that the cruiser began to have little in common with the original: from the old one left only part which is above the waterline.9. The next repairs to “Aurora” were carried out in 2014. The cruiser updated its design and upgraded its safety system. Aurora did not return to its place until 2016. Today, nine rooms with modern multimedia installations await visitors aboard the ship.

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