10 books that will change your life

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “The Little Prince”

 It’s likely that you’ve heard more than once about this supposedly childish fairy tale, which is actually a work for everyone ages. This unique book with author’s illustrations by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry reveals the most difficult issues in the life of any person, such as love and friendship, loyalty and duty, good and evil and much another.

Jerome Salinger “Over the Abyss in the Rye”

Another world-famous work that credits not only children and teenagers, but also people of mature age. It is a story with an incredibly piercing story about the growing up of a young boy who initially completely doesn’t understand his purpose and independently comprehends various mysteries of life. Familiar? Of course, yes. Not one generation of readers finds in the book answers to questions concerning life self-determination since childhood.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby”

This book is a vivid reflection of the life and constant clash of rich and poor. Fitzgerald showcases people with vastly different characters. Some of them, with a perfectly pure soul, are not capable of spoiling even money and fame, and someone is ready for everything, only to take their place in society without ceremony with people around them. And all this unfolds against the backdrop of an incredibly colorful era — the “roaring” 20s of the US of the past century.

Oscar Wilde’s “Portrait of Dorian Gray”

An incredibly profound novel with a fantasy plot perceived as something that actually happened. In his singular and major work, Oscar Wilde demonstrates how scary the inner demons of the common man can be, how complex and multifaceted character is able to be, how treat the vices of modern society and more.

Erich Maria Remark “Three Comrades”

Every at least once in his life read works about war, but very few of them tell not how much about the battles themselves, how much about the characters and destinies people who have been through this terrible time. At the center of the piece are three young men who passed the war, but managed to face not only violence and cruelty, but also friendship, honor and true love. “Three Comrades” is a saga of rampant will to live even in a world full of contradictions.

Gabriel García Márquez “One Hundred Years of Solitude”


real treasure book, a representative of the unique genre of magical realism, narrating the history of the genus Buendia, whose representatives had to put up with loneliness for actually a century. In their tragic destinies intertwined the experiences of the author himself, as well as realistic images and characters that will prove close and understandable to any reader.

Ayn Rand “Atlanta Ruined the Shoulders”

One of the greatest works in the history of literature in the United States and the world, written by Russian émigré Alice Rosenbaum, who took the name Ayn Rand. The story of the book deals with various economic and political problems of the United States of the last century, in the center of which are Together with this, the novel will raise important philosophical questions of morality, which always remain relevant in a tense social environment.

Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram”

This exciting novel is the confession of a man facing over a lifetime with a variety of problems in love, friendship, with injustice and brutality in society.$ At the same time, the book shows that for all the imperfections of the world, everyone is able to hide in spirit and look at life from a different angle.

Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”

This extraordinary novel combines satire, fiction and even biblical motifs. It intertwined many themes, from the eternal opposition of good and evil to the social problems of ordinary Muscovites of the beginning of the last century. Do the Devil and God exist, and if so, which of them rules the world? Is the master of his destiny a man, or is everything foregone? The reader of the work will find answers to these and other questions.

Sergey Minaev “Dukhless. The Tale of the Untrue Man”

A modern parable about the eternal problems of wealth and poverty, the vices of society transmitted in Russian realities. This work has been vigorously welcomed by the literary society, and the attitude towards it is very ambiguous. At the same time, the story told by Sergey Minayev will be close and understandable to most readers, raising acute social problems to which it is impossible to turn a blind eye.

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