What to do if the computer is constantly running down time

Clock stopped Clock

on the computer came down. Setting the exact time and the correct date will not change the situation dramatically. The clock will go immaculately until you turn off the computer. New inclusion — and again time is knocked down.

Don’t be scared. It’s not a virus. And not operating system problems. Bill Gates is not to blame for that at all. And the reason for this is only a small battery on the motherboard.

Battery Any computer has a

special memory where basic settings and configuration data are stored. You must always remember them, even when the computer is off. But to store these settings, you could do without a power source. There’s another challenge. The clock must constantly be ticking in a de-energized computer. You can turn off the computer from the socket, move it to the other end of the city. And in this completely lifeless body there continues to be records of the moments flown.

The clock in the computer is not just needed to know what is now an hour. For the filesystem, the information about the current time and date is very relevant. The operating system needs to know when each file is created or modified.

Any electronic watch has a battery. There’s it at the computer clock too. And like any battery, the charge in it ever ends. Though enough of it for years. There are batteries that have served for almost a decade. Therefore, the loss of a sense of time occurs only with already unyoung computers.

What to do?

Nothing terrible really happened. Buy the item CR2032 in the store. Disconnect your computer from the network. Remove the lid and find the same battery on the motherboard. Found? It is easily removed from the special mount with a small flat screwdriver. Just don’t break anything. Gently remove the old battery and just as gently, observing polarity, insert a new one in its place.

Collect your computer and turn it on. Now, after setting the exact time and the correct date, the clock will no longer come together. At least the next few years.

You can synchronize your computer clock with your Internet time server. The readings of the computer clock will be updated in accordance with the reference clock readings, than the accuracy of the readings is guaranteed.

If the malfunction remains, either you did something wrong, or you have a problem with the motherboard. And then it’s better to go to the service center.

Though maybe it was worth starting right away?

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