What program to clean the register

Registry is a database that contains computer and operating system information. This database stores information about hardware devices, installed programs, users, etc.

Over time, the volume of the registry increases, remains unneeded information that can slow down and disrupt the computer. Special programs are used to clean the registry.


is considered one of the best utilities in this field. With it, you can quickly and safely clear the registry of old keys, temporary files, site history, and many other data.

CCleaner lends itself to fine tuning. You can choose which files to get rid of. Before you start, the program prompts you to back up the data that you can recover if you need it.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner


functionality of this program is similar to the capabilities of CCleaner: removal of unnecessary entries in the registry, cancellation of the changes made. The Registry Cleaner interface is very simple, and the categories that need editing in the first place are highlighted in color.

The program also allows you to set up an exception list – select data that does not need to be scanned. This option can be used when constantly finding the same errors that the program cannot fix.

TWeakNow RegCleaner

This program is fast and reliable, with it you can scan the registry and get rid of outdated data and other “garbage”. There is a possibility to create a registry backup. During the cleansing itself, the user can track the program’s actions.

RegCleaner does not address important system components in the course of its work, so it will not harm the computer.


The distinctive features of this program are compactness and even asceticism. It does not have many features and has a simple interface. As a result, the user can quickly solve all the tasks before him. You just need to tick the boxes opposite the items you want to delete or correct.

CleanAfterme can delete temporary folders, clear the cart, event log, cookies, and cache. However, you can’t make a backup, so you need to be very careful not to lose important data. If you are afraid of such losses, it is better to choose a program that allows you to cancel all changes.

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