What is xls format and how to open it

What is xls

Resolution .xls have files created by Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier. Since the 2007 version, Excel uses a different format – OOXML, and table files have .xlsx resolution. The

progenitor of Excel, like many other table editors, was the Visicalc program developed by Software Arts in 1979. In total, about 700,000 copies were sold.

The first Excel was released in 1985 and intended for Mac, a version for Wndows appearing three years later. Excel provided the user with features that no one had previously offered. For example, the ability to change the fonts and appearance of a table.

An interesting innovation was the “smart” recalculation of table values — the values of cells touched by the changes were updated, while other editors recalculated the table entirely, which could occupy considerable time.

In 1993, Excel was merged with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint programs, which started the Microsoft Office suite.

How to open

Besides Microsoft Excel, there are a number of programs with which to open files with the .xls extension to view and edit.

Microsoft Excel Viewer is a free utility from Excel manufacturer that allows you to view and print tables.

Microsoft Excel up to 2003 is distinguished by its own binary format, BIFF. In 2008, the company published a format specification that took 349 pages.

OpenOffice is a suite of office applications, similar to Microsoft, but distributed freely under the Apache license. Development at various times was conducted by

LibreOffice corporations, also a free office package. Part of the developers of OpenOffice due to administrative disagreements founded their own project, is distributed under the lisension of GNU LGPL.

Gnumeric is a cross-platform table editor released under the GNU GPL license, that is, free software.

Kingsoft Office is a proprietary suite of office applications produced by Chinese developer Kingsoft. There are free for personal use versions of the programs.

We actively develop applications for viewing and editing Excel files for mobile OS – Android and iOS.

For example, Calc XLS or Office HD can be installed on your Apple device. OfficeSuite, Docs To Go, Kingsoft Office are good options for Android OS.

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