Programs for design

Astron Design Astron Design

is a popular utility that will allow you to schematically recreate the layout of the room, paint the walls, floor and ceiling, install windows, insert furniture and furnish the room with various fittings. The program settings will help you create a room with many details using an intuitive and simple interface. The program does not allow you to customize each item added in detail, but it is suitable for schematic display of the future room.

Sweet Home 3D

Small and very convenient program, with the creation of design in which even a novice computer user will cope. The utility is very simple and free. It allows you to design the interior of the future room in a few minutes and create a layout of furniture.

Of the disadvantages, it is not possible to add your own hardware objects to the application and you can only use a fixed amount of furniture built into the program , which limits the flexibility of configuration and functionality. Therefore, the software is ideal for creating a draft sketch, but will not be in demand from people who want to see the project more quickly.

There is a paid version of Google Sketchup Pro, which has advanced functionality.

IKEA Home Planner

Program from renowned furniture manufacturer IKEA, which has quite wide functionality. In the application you can design the room yourself, set its size and area, furnishings from the IKEA catalog, calculate the approximate total cost and place an order with delivery. It is quite a convenient and multifunctional utility for fans of the company’s products.

Google SketchUp


multifunctional application from Google that may be considered an alternative to the paid analogues of computer design editors. The program has an extensive set of tools that will allow you to create good models of the interior using an intuitive interface.

The main feature of the application can be marked by the ability to download and edit already finished projects from the Internet server, which will help any novice designer.

For serious and large projects, expensive and more functional design utilities are used.

FloorPlan 3D

Program FloorPlan 3D gives the user the opportunity to create serious projects of large offices and apartments. In the app, you can virtually navigate the area of the room by editing every minute detail. You can view installed objects from almost any angle.

The editor also has a function of selecting building materials for finishing walls, doors, stairs and ceilings. The result of the work is a fairly realistic image. Also, the utility has an intuitive interface and a library of typical designs, which will give the opportunity to elaborate a draft of the project in detail.

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