How to take a screenshot of a computer without a program

When there are problems with the computer, this or that function does not work properly, we try to find someone who will help us. But not always we can describe the problem correctly – or lack vocabulary, or in view of its uneducation in a given topic. In that case, a feature such as “screenshot” can help us. It allows you to take a photo from your monitor. It can be done with or without additional programs. Consider a way to create a screen shot without third-party programs.

Each keyboard has a Print Screen button (abbreviated: Prt Sc). It is equipped with screen screenshots. Then open any graphics editor, click “Create” or “New” and press the “insert” button or the key combination Ctrl+V. Then we just have to save the resulting image. To do this, click File – Save As…. You can also use the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. In the window that appears, write the name of the photo, select the format, specify the path of saving and press “save”.

Screenshots are a very useful thing. You can save the current state of your computer’s desktop. A screen shot will help you save your favorite fragment of any movie, a moment from the game, or help to show someone about your problem.

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