How to make a movie out of photos


If you downloaded a program to work with video on the Internet, install it on your computer by following the instructions “Installation Wizard” . Run it after installation.


Select the Add Video File button. In the Explorer window that opens, specify the folder where your photo album is stored. Consistently upload them to the program and place them in the desired chronology.


By default, the “Timeline” display mode will be used. If you want to edit the slides, go to Script mode by clicking the appropriate button.


By selecting Duration, if necessary, change the display time of each slide by setting the desired value.


By clicking on the “Transitions” button, select the type of animation that suits you. Open the Settings panel and assign the transition options you consider appropriate.


Use the mouse to drag the configured transition into the space between images.


In Timeline mode, select the desired audio file from the folders stored on the computer and insert it on the audio track.


Tune the credits. To do this, in the drop-down list, specify the desired parameters and insert the “T” on the track of the time scale. To enter text, double-click inside the gray frame in the view window.


Click on the Save command. In the next step, select the “Save as Video File” menu button.


If you want to burn the created video to a DVD, choose the appropriate option as well.

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