How to insert sound into video


Download the application for working with video files. The easiest program to add an additional sound track is VirtualDubMod. It does not require installation, is easy to use and has quite wide functionality. Programs that allow you to edit an audio track and change your music and video synchronization settings include Movavi Video Editor and CyberLink PowerDirector.


Install the downloaded application by running the installer file and following the instructions that appear on the screen. If VirtualDubMod has been selected for download, unpack the downloaded archive into a folder convenient for you.


If you are using VirtualDubMod, go to File — Open to add the video file that you want to change. Then click the Streams — Stream List tab. In the window that appears, select one or more audio tracks using the Add button. The playback order of added audio is changed by the Move up and Move down buttons. Disable is responsible for removing excess tracks. After you add the required audio files, go to the Video — Direct Stream Copy menu. Save your changes using File — Save as.


The principle of all video editing programs is about the same. If you decide to use the utility from CyberLink or Movavi, first download the desired video file using the menu “File” – “Open”.


At the bottom of the editor window you will see a panel where video and audio tracks are displayed. Drag the audio file to this area of the application. Use the appropriate features to edit the audio snippet. For example, using the Trim option, you can delete a part of a tune.


After you finish adding an audio track, save the changes using File – Save As….

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