How to highlight layers in photoshope


Run Adobe Photoshop and upload the graphics file you want to edit. Open the Layers palette. Typically, it is in the lower right corner of the program window by default. If the Layers palette is closed, you can open it by selecting the Layers line under Window or clicking F7 on the keyboard.


Consider the contents of the palette in the first tab. It should reflect all the layers currently available in the graphic document. To select a single layer, right-click it.


If you want to select multiple consecutive layers, press and hold the Shift key, and then click the first and to the last layers of the group. You can select multiple layers in the palette by pressing the Ctrl button and clicking on the objects you want. If an extra layer was mistakenly selected, press it again when Ctrl is pressed to unselect.


If you periodically have to access the same layer group, create a separate folder for them. There are a number of small icons at the bottom of the Layers panel. Select the objects you want and click the folder icon. A folder named Group 1 appears in the palette window, clicking on which all layers are placed in it.


All image layers can be selected by clicking on the All Layers bar in the Selection menu. If you want to select all of the same type layers, such as text layers, make one object active and select the “Similar Layers” line from the Selection menu.


To unselect an individual layer, right-click it by pressing the Ctrl button on the keyboard. You can unselect all layers by clicking the Layers panel outside the feature list area. Arc method: go to the Selection menu and select the Unselect Layers line.

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