How to download Chrome for iPhone

Downloading the installation files of Google Chrome browser is recommended only from the official App Store website. This method will allow you to eliminate the possibility of installing untested software, thereby securing your smartphone. Activate your Internet connection on your iPhone and open the App Store service. In this situation, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi or LTE network. This will stabilize the file download procedure.

Use the search bar to find the Google Chrome browser. Choose a free download option. Go to the Install App option and enter your Apple ID password. Now click OK and wait for the files to complete.

The procedure for installing the browser must start automatically. Its successful completion will be evidenced by the appearance of a new browser icon on the active desktop.

It is important to note that the described version of the Google Chrome browser is nothing more than an add-on to the Safari app. This is due to the fact that iOS features do not allow full use of all available browser features. Google Chrome for iOS uses the standard WebKit engine and lacks Nitro’s proprietary JavaScript algorithm, which is actively applied in the browser for Android.

The mobile version has a number of distinctive features. First, it does not have the ability to work with the bookmarks bar. Second, when the “incognito” mode is activated, the current session is automatically remembered and closed. After you exit safe mode, the previous session is automatically loaded. Google Chrome iOS browser tabs can be closed without activation. This option, unfortunately, is still not available in the mobile version of the Safari browser.

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