How to delete music in itunes


You can use “Music” – “Songs” to remove a specific composition from iTunes. Move the song you want to delete to the right and confirm your action in the window that appears. You can also delete the Delete keyboard button.


If you want to delete all items in the library, use Ctrl + A to select all records. Click Delete and confirm the deletion.


Use the SHIFT key to selectively delete multiple songs in order. To do this, first select the first song to delete. Then press the SHIFT and highlight the rest of the tunes using the arrows on the keyboard. To erase records selectively, select unnecessary items by clamping down on the Ctrl key of the keyboard. After that, press Delete or swipe items from left to right.


After removing items from iTunes, connect your device using cable or Wi-Fi to your computer and synchronize. Removed library items will also be removed from your mobile device.


To re-add songs, run iTunes and go to the Music tab. Drag the ringtones folder into the application window. Wait for the library to be updated. To add files to your device, just connect it and synchronize it.

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